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tire clearance

  1. Wheels and Tires
    Most all wheel/tire combo threads I have read said that you could run a 255/60/15 rear tire with 4.5" backspacing. I was wondering if you could fit that tire size on a 15x7 wheel with only 4", 4.125" or 4.25" of backspacing?:confused:
  2. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I am restoring a 1972 nova and plan on installing Cragar s/s mag wheels. The rear wheels are 15x7 with 4.125" backspace. What is the max rear tire size I can fit? I know the rear-end placing was "somewhat" sloppy on third-gen Novas and that every car is different, but does anyone have this same...
  3. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    My 63 has a 65 8.2 rear end . I heard you can upgrade to chevelle rear breaks and they where bigger. I had a 71 chevelle rear end and checked it out and the inside drum is the same as what I have in the nova aprox 9.5 inches and a 2 inch wide shoe. I am wondering if someone already upgraded the...