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tci torque arm suspension

  1. Our 63 SS will be on Detroit Muscle Oct 4th!

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Joe Elmore and the crew from Detroit Muscle came out to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds to cover the 2015 Street Machine Nationals. They are doing a full episode of cover on the show and the Borla Street Machine Challenge where I took first place in the muscle car class. Joe and his camera guy...
  2. Airport autox and speed run vids. 63 SS

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    We took our TCI and AFR sponsored 63 Nova SS out for some fun at a local airport. My wife placed mid/low in the pack of 50 or so cars. I ended up ninth and ran the fastest mph of the day edging out 2 modern turbo 6 cyl cars. Enjoy Sideline Go pro run way
  3. Hot Rod Power Tour 2015 Auto cross videos.

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    we ran out to the Hot Rod Power Tour on sat to have a little fun at the kick off event. the auto cross track was fun. the nova sue felt good with the new motor and our AFR heads. this was the first time i got to really spin up that stout motor. it was great. below are a couple of videos for you...
  4. New sponsor to our 63 Nova SS - AFR

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Well today I am happy to announce a new Sponsor to our 63 Nova SS. AFR - Air Flow Research​ has jumped on board providing a set of their 195 cc Eliminator heads. With the help of AFR our TCI Engineering​ test car has one stout power plant. Clay at TPIS​ put together a fully forged 383 stroker...
  5. More 63 SS auto cross action.

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    My wife and I took our 63 Nova SS Tci engineering test car out to a local event Saturday. There is an auto cross and speed run. I pulled off a 6th and my wife got 12th of 45+ drivers. I topped the Nova out at 117mph.
  6. First Autox in our 63 Nova SS TCI test car with new Ridetech TQ shocks

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I took the nova out to a local clubs event today for some seat time. The TQ shocks from Ridetech felt fantastic on the road and the course. What a noticeable difference even over the double adjust shocks we had last year. Now it is time to build more confidence and push harder. Here is a...
  7. CBR 4 Link, TCI Torque Arm or TCI 4 Link?

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    So this may be a bit unfair to CBR due to their 4 link being so new and no one really having a chance to test it yet (other than super chevy). I will say that i have and love their R&P conversion kit and will be getting their upper control arms soon. But now the rear of my '66 needs some...
  8. 71 Nova Pro Touring Project

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Sup Folks, Finnally pulled the trigger on a Nova. Bought a roller out of Cali in December, arrived in Early January. Got it tucked away in the garage. I promised my wife I wouldn't work on it until our baby hit 4mo old (~april). She was worrried she wouldn't see me =) Lots to do, most exciting...
  9. tci torque arm suspension ride on street

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I just installed a tci torque arm with a 12 bolt in my 66,nice setup.It will be awhile before it can be driven as I have to disassemble and do paint and body.Does anyone have one in use that can say how they ride and drive on the street?I am hoping it won't be extremely harsh riding.It seems...