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tail lights

  1. Converting to '65 Tail Lights

    Body and Interior
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here, but have been using the forum for years as an information resource. Now I find myself needing to post as I can't find my answers in any of my searches. Please go easy on me if I have missed something!!! I have a '62 2 door post race car built to be a '65 clone...
  2. Nightmare or simple fix??

    ey y'all I have a 1972 nova New here and having some issues with my lights when I turn my right blinker on the right side lights up bright when I turn my left blinker on it lights up my right front but then it is dim, left side marker and left rear light up also dim. Brake lights work...
  3. No tail lights 62 Chevy II

    Headlights work on both high and low beam. Brake lights work but the passenger side is brighter than the drivers side. tail lights do not work at all. double checked with the painless wiring diagram and everything is correct. any idea's or experience with this. It's a new headlight switch...
  4. How to Restore Tail Light Lens?

    Body and Interior
    I was wondering if anyone has tried to restore their tail light lenses? Mine are dull and hazy and i want to clear them up. Any methods or tricks you guys have used that work well?
  5. Question On One Brake Light Not Working!

    Having problems getting my right rear brake light working. I was reading this post - yellow & green are the turn signals, brown are running... you'll use the brown wire for the license plate lamp. splicing/junction the wires from left tail to plate lamp to right tail lamp will be needed... the...