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  1. Electrical
    Hello, I am hooking up a Viper alarm to my 74 and need to hook up to the tail light iso wire. I found the wire in the wiring diagram but as far as I can see it doesn't come to the front. Do I need to run a wire to the back or is there another way. It also hooks to an ignition flex relay...
  2. Electrical
    Having problems getting my right rear brake light working. I was reading this post - yellow & green are the turn signals, brown are running... you'll use the brown wire for the license plate lamp. splicing/junction the wires from left tail to plate lamp to right tail lamp will be needed... the...
  3. Originality
    just a quick newbi question.....does the reverse part of the lens go on the bottom or the top?
1-3 of 3 Results