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  1. rochester to carter yfa swap

    Drivetrain & Performance
    hi everyone my rochester monojet on my 194 is in pretty bad shape and my neighbor just gave me a freshly rebuilt carter yfa for free so i'm planning on doing a swap. the two things that are a little different about the two carbs i'm hoping someone who has done the swap before can say how they...
  2. Front 67 in 66

    Body and Interior
    Hi guys i need know if possible change the front of my 66 with a 67 ? i think i need 67 front grill 67 front bezels 67 bezels hardware 67 front fenders anyone have this swap?
  3. L31 Vortec swap into third gen

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi all, I just acquired a decent l31 vortec motor to replace my tired 350. The engine has some of its accessories and id like to run the stock serpentine setup. I am wondering if anyone has any pictures of an l31 with all of its stock accessories in a 3rd gen? I am worried about power steering...
  4. What do i do next?!!!Ls swap 70 Nova 5.3 with 4L60E

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I started a thread last year when i purchased my Nova. I was working out of a 1 car garage that i would hit my elbow on every wall when i turned a rachet. I finally got a new house and 2 car garage that has turned into my Nova Cave with plenty of room! I am a complete novice when it comes to...
  5. Handling and power; suspension swap for my engine swap?

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hey all- hoping for someone with a bit more experience to help me out with this question so I can consider my options before moving forward. I have a 73 Nova with a 350 that's reaching the end of it's life. The car is my daily so I'm looking into engine swap options/efi/etc etc etc. My buddy...
  6. Bellhousing info

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi all new here, just bought my first 67 nova Its a 6cly 3 speed standard will a v8 bolt up to this bellhousing in the car or will i need a different one?
  7. Trans upgrade with i6 question

    Drivetrain & Performance
    anyone ever change out a power glide to a trans with OD on an inline 6? what trans is best for this? and what other info can ya offer on the process? my plans are to change the trans out to something with OD but maybe in the future swap the motor out. so is there a specific trans that would...
  8. Anyone done a 200-4R swap into a 4th gen with factory floor shift?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I've got a '77 350/350TH, 3.08 posi, with factory buckets and floor shifter. I really would like to move to an overdrive tranny and happen to have a 200-4R sitting around already. (I also have a couple 700R4s here, but I like the 200-4R because it won't require driveshaft modification, among...
  9. 6cyl swap out

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 75 with a 250 inline 6. I'm swapping out the 6 after I picked up a 75 with 350. Since I want to clean up the clip and steering linkage, would it be better to remove the clip, motor and tranny from each as a unit or pull motor and tranny, then pull and clean up the clips then swap? This...
  10. BBC headers for my 73

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I need to get a set of headers, probably 2" primary's, for my BB swap into my 73. Do I need to get a set specific for the 3rd gen or are there other years that will fit from the 2nd gen? Any from the Camaro? The car has a 454, M20, power brakes, and power steering in it. I also have used the...
  11. 454 swap into my 73

    Drivetrain & Performance
    My 73 is currently a 350 4-speed car but i got a hell of a deal on a 454 so i think its gonna go in my 73. What do i need to change? Will my stock radiator work? Will i have to change my steering box?(has power steering). Any header clearance issues? Is it a headache or easy swap?
  12. saginaw/muncie swap in 73 Custom

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have an all original 73 Nova Custom that currently has a tired 350 and 4 speed saginaw so its time to do something. My questions are this 1. Is it worth rebuilding the saginaw? The new motor will make around 400-425hp. 2. If its not worth it then what all do i need to make a swap to a...
  13. 700r4 or not??

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey everyone! I been riding the Chevy II around a lot lately. Shes running good & riding better with the new moog coils & monroe sensitrac shocks. I checked my gas mileage the other day & I am getting 13MPG (not too bad) Anyway, here's my question.. Do I put the powerglide in storage & drop...
  14. Need help picking a motor, '73 daily driver build

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I need some help picking a motor for my '73. Right now, it has the factory 250 inline six, three on the tree, and 3.08 rear gears. Eventually, it will get 3.42's and a Keisler RS400 five speed, but before that happens, I want to decide on a motor. The main thing is that it has to be good on gas...
  15. T56 swap

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I'm kicking off my T56 swap this week. I know that cutting is required to achieve the proper driveline angle, and I've seen pictures on here of people who have done it, but I can't find them. Does anybody know who did the swap and documented the clearancing? Also, on a side note, I'm going to...
  16. 5.3 horsepower

    LSx Forum
    Just curious what hp and torque numbers would be possible out of a 5.3 cam and intake. Also if I could do the whole swap if I get the 5.3 for around $350 and use my current 700r4 how cheap could I do the swap? I'm in high school and don't have a huge budget to spend. Also how quick could someone...
  17. 19 year olds 71 nova build (watch out old farts here i come)

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    HELLO all, let me introduce myself. Names Devin and im 19 and building this car on a poor college kids budget! criticism and advice is appreciated thanks. so last year i bought a 71 nova. The guy who had it only bought it to pull a SUPER nice 383 out of it and then left the car to sit in his...
  18. Saginaw 4 speed swap to t56 into my 73 Custom

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Ive got a 73 Custom that currently has a factory 4speed and i would like to upgrade to a t56. Does anyone know of any detailed threads of a swap like this into a 3rd gen? Can you use the stock pedal assembly if you run a hydraulic clutch? How much cutting to the tunnel needs to be done? Any...
  19. Open vs. Closed loop tuning

    LSx Forum
    How is your lsx swap computer programmed? Open or Closed loop. If you have driven your car with both tunes, was there any noticeable increase in mpg? Thanks.
  20. Help! swap for Lt1 or carb 350?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 77 with a straight 6 in it right now and I'm looking to change to a larger drivetrain. My budget for the whole thing is $2000 and I will also be driving the car more than just on weekends maybe even a daily, so mpg is also a concern. So, with that said would it be smarter to go with a...