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  1. How is it going?

    Member Introductions
    Hi my name is German and I'm from Costa Rica :D, but everybody call me Ganito. I have loved classic muscle cars since kid. In my country is pretty hard to find muscle cars because the market is pretty much taken by japanesse and korean stuff. However I put my hands on this 1969 4 doors Nova. It...
  2. need some help: blown head on a 194

    Drivetrain & Performance
    hella all, im new to this site and im looking for some help. i dont know much about car but i do know i love my 67 nova. i took it to the shop and was told i might have a crack in head on my 194 after they did a block test. they gave me quotes to rebuild and to repair the 194 but to me it...
  3. Chris's 63 nova project

    Nova Projects
    This is my project, a 63 moordoor:) I am one of those rare breeds of girls that loves cars and this is my first project, OK second really- I also find myself working on my little 83 rabbit, but that is my daily driver. The nova is my first love though:yes: I have come to this site on many...