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  1. 4th Gen, Houston

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    Hi all, getting ready to take delivery of a 350-4 v8 1978 Nova, glad to find this site. I'm sure I'll have some questions as my skills are limited to brake pad replacement and oil changes. Here's a pic...
  2. brand new 1964 Chevy II

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    soon I ll be getting my Chevy II. Trading a truck for it. It has a 230 6 in it with a Th350 and started life as a wagon. funny how things wind up not as originally planed, it is now a sedan delivery.this will be my third Chevy II. The first was a 2 door post that I was going to put a V8 into...
  3. Original spare tire??

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I'm wondering if my 70 Nova has the original spare tire? It is a 185-14 Michelin X made in Canada??? Any ideas or what to look for, thanks
  4. mazoh - no official name yet - '77, nova-concours!

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    mazoh - 4th gen (for the win) Pictures