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steering box

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    Hey, SNS fam! Looking for input on a new power steering box for my '70 which will see mostly street duty with occasional drag/track time and some canyon carving. It will be an all-around car for fun, no one discipline in mind and I would love feedback (there's that pun again) on what people are...
  2. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hey guys so I am looking into getting a new column for my 62 coupe and I have found some pretty good priced new tilt columns. But I have my original steering box with the integral shaft so how does it work to put a tilt column in. Is there some conversion to a removable steering shaft?
  3. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Just curious how many people have used CPP's 400 series power steering box. I have one installed in my 67 and have had nothing but problems. The steering is stiff and there are sticking points in the wheel. When driving and taking a corner the wheel will not return to center on its own. The...