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  1. 4th gen rear brake shock clearance

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    78 Nova. I scored a rear disc brake conversion for a good deal. I'm mouting them on driver side and the bolt for the parking brake bracket is just barely in the way of the shock. I already removed the bracket for the parking brake spring. (I'm not too worried about keeping the parking brake if...
  2. First Generation Shock Absorbers

    Anyone have a source for the correct size front upper shock bushings? And maybe a flaps (friendly local auto parts store) part number for the four lower bushings? I attempted searching #45389 and 3790341 but nothing close surfaced. C2O has the lower but I can't find anything larger than a 1.25"...
  3. Rear Shock Relocation w/Hotchkis Sway Bar ?

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Has anyone used a shock relocation kit on there 68-74 Nova (mine is a 71 w/staged shocks) and with the Hotchkis Sway bar kit ? I am also using late 4th Gen F-Body brakes (LS1). Not sure if any of the kits would allow the upper link bracket and bar to clear ? anyone have any pictures of there...