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  1. Body and Interior
    What kind of front seats do you have in your car? Original bench / buckets or something modified to fit.
  2. South Eastern US
    I have a 71 nova that I bought in 74. Someone changed the front seats to the following ones. I want to reupholster them now and trying to find out where they came from. They have a headrest like the chevelle but I can’t match the pattern. They have a plastic back with the push button in middle...
  3. Body and Interior
    Hey, All! Anyone have recommendations for period correct looking ('71) front buckets that are best for a larger passenger or driver? Recently bought a 3rd gen with some huge, wing sided ProCar seats that are horrible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Dieting is NOT an option) :p
  4. Body and Interior
    i have a 1972 nova that I am planning to put bucket seats in. the seats are from a 1992 Camaro. What brackets (name or part number please) need to be used. I am thinking I need the brackets that are in 4 pieces to weld to the floor. THANKS to all that respond
  5. Body and Interior
    Sorry if it's a stupid question but i see tons of vinyl cleaners at the auto parts store and not sure what works best. I recently re did my whole interior and would like to know what's best to put on it. Thanks everyone. Your experience is appreciated very much.
  6. Body and Interior
    Hello i have a 1971 chevy nova rs. The problem is it currently has bucket seats that are in a fixed location so they can't be moved. So I want to buy the seat rails/sliders for it but i cant find them online for less than $120 each. So does anybody know where i can get these for cheap? like a...
  7. Body and Interior
    So when I bought my nova it came with the bench seat shone below as well as a pair of semi-matching bucket seats of the same color. The bucket seats had electronic controls on them so I think they must be newish (90's maybe) Just wondering if anyone has ever seen these seats before or else...
  8. Body and Interior
    Has anybody used any modern (2000 or newer) seats in their car? I've got a friend with a very nice set of seats for $300 and I'm wondering how much I'll have to do to get them to fit. I found a guy with front buckets for my 78 that actually came from a Nova but he wants $500 and they have to be...
  9. Body and Interior
    I want to replace my front seats with seats out of a modern day car. I want to be able to go to a junk yard or ebay and find some seats that are black leather with a similar pattern as the ones i have now. My goal is to not need them to be recovered or get custom covered. Any ideas for a donor...
  10. 4th Generation Nova's
    Well I have pretty much completely stripped my interior, everything is gone except the dash and the rear package tray. The rust on the floor pan isn't too bad, I'll only have to replace one piece. I found out from the original owner that the heater core is infact bad, which explains the hole...
  11. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Im looking to lift my 79 4door and put 24-26" rims on it. What all do I need to do to make rims and tires this big fit on my car? Im looking for the cheapest way to do it... Please help me out! Also I wanted to know if I could swap out my front bench seat and put in some buckets and a center...
1-11 of 15 Results