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  1. Body and Interior
    Hi guys. I finally got my car after over a decade of search - divorce present to myself! 1966 Chevy Nova SS V8, all numbers matching, all original parts (minus the 67 seats). I am trying keep all stock, yet get the safety up to acceptable level. -Front buckets have original fisher belts, old...
  2. Body and Interior
    I have a 1973 2-door Nova. I recently replaced the headliner and as I was putting the headliner back in the car I realized the driver and passenger shoulder seat belt bolt holes are not threaded. It looks like there was a nut that went inside the frame (between the roof and headliner...
  3. Body and Interior
    so i finally got to the bare essentials on the interior in my 4th gen nova, and come to find out there are three seat-belt bolts that just wont budge. they are stripped beyond measure smh. any remedies, tricks, or just pure advice. i need these out asap... p.s. i wondered why it didn't have...
  4. Originality
    I just got pulled over because the cop couldn't see my lap belt. Not the first time, but he said he was sure the 74 came with a 3 point belt originally. I tried google and searching on here, but I can't find it. Little help please?