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  1. 1962-67 Chevy II parts *WANTED*
    looking for a set of seats for a first gen nova... 62-65.. looking for front buckets and a back seat, all i need are the frames and springs
  2. Body and Interior
    I am trying to locate a replacement cover for my front bench seat. It's a light tan color but the part you actually sit on and your back rests on is like a tweed fabric. It's not all vinyl or whatever they make them out of. I do not currently have a pic of the interior however i can get one...
  3. South Western US
    So, I'm not sure if this is the right forum/section, or if it should be in the ratings/reviews, but I saw Colorado listed in teh SWUS section. (Sorry I'm still fairly new to the site.) I found a place out here in Denver, Western Upholstery located on Steele St right beside a NAPA...
  4. Body and Interior
    i recently bought the Pro car 90 series seats for my 65 nova and i need some help with positioning. First off should the brackets be level? or tilted slightly down to the rear of the car? second, the brackets that came with the seats 'hang off' the seat hump on the floorpan, meaning i would...
  5. 4th Generation Nova's
    I'm nearing what I hope is the end of my interior/ new gauge cluster overhaul. I'm still up in the air what to do about the seatbelts. The fronts are the kind that mount in the headliner. I've done hours of searching to find these kind new but no one seems to make them. I pulled some of an...
  6. Originality
    I just got pulled over because the cop couldn't see my lap belt. Not the first time, but he said he was sure the 74 came with a 3 point belt originally. I tried google and searching on here, but I can't find it. Little help please?
  7. Body and Interior
    Hey guys, I need some help! I recently purchased a 65 Nova and I need some help locating some reasonably priced parts. I need a back seat, a 327 oil pan (I'm taking out the V6 and replacing it with a 327), steering column (converting to floor shift), and a posi trac rear end. I have searched the...
  8. Body and Interior
    Hello, I have a 74 nova with bench seats. The top part headrest is broken and my dad is looking to put new tack welds to re-attach it. I cannot seem to figure out how to remove the headrest post from the seat. I took everything off of the headrest setup, and the post will still only come up to a...
  9. Body and Interior
    Thanks in advance. Just finished taking apart and stripping the seat frame, Now I just need the foam with the correct thickness. Where can I purchase stock automotive foam? any where that you guys recommend? Also, is the burlap that was attached to the frame necessary? PS: I saw foam from...
  10. Body and Interior
    Got two sets of bucket seat tracks. Not sure which is correct for my '67. They are both the correct 14.25" or 14.50" floor mount spacing. However, the front mount is different. One pair has a split front hole and the other pair has a solid hole. Need to know which one is right before I get rid...
  11. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I tried searching for some info on this topic, but I couldn't find any substantial information - does anyone sell a rear seat upholstery kit for a 1972 Nova. I find all kinds of front/rear kits or front alone, but I cannot find anything for the rear seat alone.
1-11 of 16 Results