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  1. South Western US
    What are the “go-to” recommended shops in San Diego? From paint/body, engine/tranny, everything!
  2. South Western US
    I recently acquired a '64 Nova and would like to meet some fellow owners in the San Diego area. I've seen a few other Novas around town, but they seem to be more scarce on these forums when compared to NorCal or other areas. Of late, I've spotted a white :) 4 door in Mission Beach, a green :D 4...
  3. Body and Interior
    What's up dudes! I bought my Nova on Dec. 10 the previous owner did had the time to install the rear quarter panels. I have no knowledge on body work :S - I went to a custom fabrication shop and the guy charges me $700!! Is there a place that I can get a good job done with out wasting that kind...
1-3 of 3 Results