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  1. Body and Interior
    Has anyone used or thought about using these in a daily driver? With the retractable option I feel it'd be great to still be able to move around and have quick access to get in and out, with of course the added safety. Any thoughts or reviews on the product would be a huge help...
  2. Electrical
    I am looking for information on Park Neutral Safety Switches.... I have a 71 Nova that I am about finished on my LS1/4L60e swap. I am keeping the Column Shifter. So. it was a two Speed PG.. People say to switch the PN switch from a TH350 one to at least be close to the correct range / detent...
  3. Drag Racing Forum
    My job required plenty of overtime during 2010 -- so i missed out on the entire racing season. That won't happen in 2011, so I'm thinking ahead about what I need for the spring. Since I didn't go through tech last year, can anyone tell me what the expiration would be on the following items...
1-3 of 4 Results