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  1. Gen 3 Floor Pans

    Body and Interior
    Hey Ya'll, Replacing the floor pans on my 70 Nova. Question on how to address the new floor pan flange where it meets the frame support and rocker. The original floor pan is spot welded between the rocker and frame support. Is it best to 1) bust loose the frame support, tuck in new floor...
  2. 67 Rear support/Rear frame

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Morning all, I need some guidance from you experts. I have a 67 (2 door no post). Rust well it chewed up the entire trunk, drop off, wheel wells. I don't think the rockers are too bad tho. I purchased the Chassisworks front clip then discovered just how the damage was to the trunk. A few years...
  3. 63 convertible undercarriage repair

    Body and Interior
    Working on a 63 convertible that has been repaired in that past --- not so good of a job. I've look almost everywhere to find some pics so that I can make it look mostly original, hoping someone can help. The area that I'm interested in is where the kick panel comes down to the rocker...