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  1. 66 GM seats

    Body and Interior
    Picked up a set of seats for one of my project cars and I think I have narrowed them down to 1966. The bottoms look like they may have a prevision for power. I am trying to confirm make before putting a rare seat in my 55 were I would be happy with a mass produced seat. These seat tilt to the...
  2. Hello from San Diego!

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I joined this site a few years back but lost access to my e-mail etc. My name is Amber and I have a 1974 2 door Nova whom I like to call Morticia. :chev: She is a project that I started around 5 years ago with my pops in North County SD near the beach. How lucky am I to own my dream...
  3. Mac from near Nashville, TN

    Member Introductions
    I was a teenager in the 70s, and we didn't quite grasp how fully awesome these cars were. Friend of mine had a black 63 for a little while. Believe we cracked the block "washing" the engine when it was still hot. Instead of rebuilding, we got a Corvette. Yeah, these babies were a little cheaper...
  4. Father and Son 1976 Nova Build

    4th Generation Nova's
    Father and Son 1976 Nova Build Note that I am going to catch up on documenting the build so the first posts are from the last few months...may take me a few days to get it all caught up to where we are today Feb 2015 and post the associated pictures In the summer of 2014, my son and I started...
  5. 3rdGen Resto-mod

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey Everyone, I found this car on ebay in late august of last year in Oregon. Heres a few pictures of the car when I got it last year. Plans so far is to rebuild the entire suspension/chassis and give the car an all around freshen up. Plans for down the road may include a new...
  6. Complete Newb from GA/NC

    Member Introductions
    I hope all you guys/gals are well. I am new to the forum as I just inherited my great aunt's 1975 Nova. To be honest, never been a huge fan of the Nova until reading up on the history and seeing some pics online this past week. My great aunt bought it new and always did all the recommended...
  7. My 1967 SS 4spd build

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Finally downloaded some pics of my build which I started in August, probably would have left in running had I known it wasn't going to rain this winter!:(:( When done it will have all the DSE goodies (boxes already stacked in my garage) Autogear M22W with a 406 SBC. Motor built by my neighbor...
  8. 1967 nova ss Texas

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Here is a 67 ss (4spd) that should interest a few people lookin for nice car. I considered it myself, but since I want a CW front clip and built motor (my neighbor is a hot rod engine building legend! Seriously :D), it would be a shame and quite stupid to ruin an all original car (Haven't...
  9. '75-79 Weatherstripping

    Body and Interior
    Does a kit exist with all the required door, trunk, and quarter window weatherstripping for a 4th gen? Any commonality with the 3rd gens? All I've been able to find through the usual suspects are a la cart. In my case, I'm looking for a 2-door sedan, non-hatchback.
  10. 78 Heater Core Box Restoration and Water House part name

    4th Generation Nova's
    So i got my heater coil out of its box and it was so and so hard. More problem my heater box is rusty and some of the hoses have dried to it from the A/C vacuum switch. Some already were disconnected from the line. Images here also if someone has there images or know what goes were that's a real...
  11. 1st resto 73 nova

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey guys noobie here! Just traded off my 85 iroc z for a 73 that's in pretty good shape, too bad its got the straight six :( exterior and body are in good shape interior not so much! Always have bought cars in good shape before and maintained them well, so I am not sure where to even start with...
  12. Route 66 Motorsports Pro Touring 1966 Nova Restoration

    Route 66 Motorsports
    Our customer's 1966 Nova Is Equipped With An LS2 Motor, 4L65 Transmission, Schwartz Full Frame Chassis, Ford 9" Full Floater Rear End, 13" Drilled & Slotted Rotors, 6 Piston Calipers, Boze 18x12 On 335/35/18 & 18x8 On 265/35/18, & Auto Meter Gauges. This Pro Touring Nova Will Have Custom Body...
  13. Don't Know Who We Are? Take A Minute To Find Out More! Hello From Route 66 Motorspor

    Route 66 Motorsports
    For those that don’t know us, we are Route 66 Motorsports, Inc. and Route 66 Muscle Car Parts, Inc. a full service shop and parts supplier specializing in muscle cars, pro touring, customs, and rods. We provide full restorations, custom work, fabrication, and regular maintenance for your...
  14. 66 67 Console Restoration

    Body and Interior
    I have an original automatic console that needs restoration. It is pitted. Any recommendations as to how to do it myself or who does it?
  15. New 73 Hatchback Owner from L.A.

    Member Introductions
    Hi there. I'm a new Nova owner, a rookie for sure. Just got a 73 SS Hatchback. Not the original block, but has a Edelbrock 350 that runs very strong. Any advice on how to restore the interior is greatly appreciated. Also, I need a new trunk (hatchback) lid but can only find fiberglass...
  16. First project car 72 nova!

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey. Just joined a couple days ago. The site is great. Looks like I can learn a lot from you guys and looks like I can get a lot of help from here. I've always wanted a nova and my girlfriend surprised me with one a couple days ago!! So excited to start on it. This will be the first time...
  17. Purchasing parts in Canada or order from USA?

    Canadian Owners
    This is a question for the Canadian guys on here. Anyone researched whether restoration parts for your Nova/Acadian are a better price if bought locally from a supplier in your city or if purchased from the USA suppliers (ie Classic Industries, etc)? Typically I see local shops where I live...
  18. New Nova Guy From Illinois

    Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, My name is Bill I am from New Lenox, Illinois and have and still do own many novas! I have an automotive shop were we build custom street rods, restorations, and complete builds. I love my job I have been doing it for over 30 years now and it is amazing! I will post some pictures...