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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    hi everone I recently perchesed a 62 nova 400 and im looking to replace the carb its missing a lot of pieces so i figure it will be esier to replace the whole thing the problem is I cant find any for a reasonable price that specifically say that they work on my L6 194, they do say they work on...
  2. Body and Interior
    Hello, I have some bad rust on the cowling cover on my 64 I was wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes reproductions or replacement or is selling a pair. Thank You
  3. Body and Interior
    I am doing budget resto and my 1/4 panels are in decent shape. The only place in bad shape is behind the wheel on the 1/4 panel. I was looking at wheel arch replacement panels and was wondering if they could be used instead of 1/4 panel replacements.
  4. Body and Interior
    Hey everyone, After work i am going to start the process of replacing my wing window rubbers as they leak slightly and my interior is going to be brand new soon. I will start by taking the old rubbers out as it looks like quite the time consuming job. Maybe i'm wrong(hopefully). hahahahaha...
  5. Body and Interior
    I am trying to locate a replacement cover for my front bench seat. It's a light tan color but the part you actually sit on and your back rests on is like a tweed fabric. It's not all vinyl or whatever they make them out of. I do not currently have a pic of the interior however i can get one...
  6. Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 1972 Nova with a muncie 4 speed manual in it. I don't know much of anything about muncies or clutches for that matter. I feel like it is slipping and i am losing power. Can i adjust this clutch or should i just get it replaced? If it does need to be replaced does anyone know roughly how...
  7. Body and Interior
    Hey i got this ugly hole in my front floor pan but not all but just the rectangular parts. I got pictures with little description also website for whole part below pictures and my guess an 18 gage sheet of metal. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Body and Interior
    I am looking to do some work on the flor pans of my 63 moordoor:yes: Thing is I am a novice so this will be my first attempt at such and I have no idea how to go about it properly. Obviously I would like it to be safe first and foremost. I should also mention this baby is a wisconsin car...
  9. Body and Interior
    I was recently riding around in my car, and someone closed my trunk a little harder than usual, and now the trunk lock won't turn to let me open it. I had to take the back seats out to get the girl's purse out of the trunk, and let me tell you, it was the biggest pain ever. Anyway, changing...
1-9 of 10 Results