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  1. Convertible Top Questions....

    Body and Interior
    so my top is still in good shape. but the pads underneath that run along the doors on the top...i guess they're a pad of some sort is sorta falling apart. is this something i can just have replaced without redoing the whole top? next....the back window a couple of inches down following along...
  2. Shop Referral

    I am looking for a shop to do some touch-up repairs on my original 67 Nova SS. Door and trunk gasket replacement, door hinge shiming or replacement and some lower panel damage. I am in Ventura, CA.
  3. '68 Chevy II Front-end Specs?

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hey I just got a '68 Chevy II and would like to rebuild the front end this weekend if possible. I have a kit but I don't want to start pulling the car apart unless I know the torque specs to put it back together. The Chilton's is on the way, but in the mean time, can anyone point me to a thread...
  4. 78 nova interior little repair. paint or wrap vinyl?

    4th Generation Nova's
    Hey there Nova site. Well i removed all the plastic interior vinyls that i could to get my floor repaired. Well while floor pans are being replaced i was going to repair my plastic parts but wouldn't know what to use or how. :confused: all these parts seem to be in good shape to be painted or...
  5. New to the game, looking for opinions.

    Body and Interior
    First, I'd like to say I've read alot of the info on here, there's some great people in this forum and I'm lucky I found it. There's a lot of very useful information so thanks very much to everyone and I promise to try not to ask too many dumb questions or repeat old questions. I'll only ask...
  6. New from central oregon

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys I'm Will im new to Novas. This is my first one. I picked up a 1971 4dr Nova from an old neighbor who was gonna gonna give it to the crusher because their landlord changed their rental agreement to force them to get rid of any non currently registered cars. So I told her instead of...
  7. about a 75 - 77 repair

    Body and Interior
    i've been looking into buying a nova.. i'm not quite sure but my dad says it's around a 75 or so... but in the back just above the trunk there is what has the texture of leather... i'm not quite sure what the piece is or it's name but i was wondering if any of you knew what it was and how i...