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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    Any advice on removing my 6 and putting it back in is appreciated Do you pull it with power glide attached? Can it be done without removing fenders and radiator support? if disconnecting from trans what is best way to get upper bell housing bolts loose? They are up against firewalls thanks!!!
  2. Body and Interior
    My apologies in advance, I am sure there is a thread on this, however I could not locate it. Can some one tell me how to remove the chrome that is at the top of the door on a 66 hard top. I removed a screw on the deteriorated door fuzzy and was able to remove that. now I cant figure it out...
  3. Body and Interior
    I am trying to take out my instrument cluster of my 1975 nova to replace my clock with a tach but i'm not sure how to get the steering column out to do so. Can anyone give me some pretty detailed instructions on how to remove this thanks!
  4. Body and Interior
    Hello, I have a 74 nova with bench seats. The top part headrest is broken and my dad is looking to put new tack welds to re-attach it. I cannot seem to figure out how to remove the headrest post from the seat. I took everything off of the headrest setup, and the post will still only come up to a...
  5. Body and Interior
    Hey guys, I'm in the process of fixing up some nasty rust spots on my nova and need to remove the rear bumper to get to a spot but I'm not sure of how to take it off. Any suggestions on what bolts to remove or any headache saving short cuts?
  6. Body and Interior
    i need to pull my instruments out, but haven't been able to find a how-to article anywhere. ive tried here, google, youtube, you name it. and none of the local parts stores have a haynes. im sure i could figure it out if i sat upside down/under the dash for awhile, just thought i would try to...
1-6 of 6 Results