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  1. Question about '67 Radiator and exhaust hangers - are they original?

    Does this look like an original 67 radiator, or does it look like it may be from another car? The radiator looks bigger than I remember them being. Does this look like the correct location for factory dual exhaust hangers? The picture was taken from under the rear valance. The car currently...
  2. 1970... need radiator suggestions

    Cooling and Heating
    Hey everyone.. Its been a awhile. Its time for a new radiator in my 70. Its got a Blueprint crate 383 and a TH350. It looks like the Champion CC571 is a good deal. Anyone have any experience with these? I want to use my old shroud, will the radiator bolt in using the old hardware/pads...
  3. Electric Fan/Radiator

    I recently put a 350 in my 74 Nova, went to Oriellys and got a radiator for a 350. At running speed it is 175 degrees but when I stop it begins to overheat (185-190). My car currently does not have a shroud, but an upgraded radiator fan. Do I need to upgrade to a larger radiator (maybe an...
  4. 74 nova v8 conversion - 23" radiator

    Cooling and Heating
    I just swapped my inline 6 for a SBC v8 and have been driving with the old radiator. I am looking to upgrade to the 23" radiator but can't seem to find the upper radiator support for that size. Any suggestions? Junk yards are a Lil scarce near me. Thanks!
  5. aluminum radiator?

    Cooling and Heating
    thinking about getting this chinese made radiator for my 71 nova are these any good does it matter if its from china it looks pretty solid...
  6. New1963 Nova in Berkeley CA - Need Advice

    Member Introductions
    hey guys, I made my first post a couple months ago. Haven't been able to check out the site much since then (Had a baby boy!). I know its long, please bear with me So heres what I have: a 1963 Chevy II 400 coupe, I purchased it last year. It seems fairly intact, although I suspect it's been...
  7. 62 Nova Sedan L6 Fan Size

    I'm having problems with my fan in my 62 nova sedan L6, I bought a knew radiator cause it was leaking and come to find out at one time or another the fan actually hit the radiator, (there were fan blade circles on the old leaky radiator). I think the person who owned the car before me put in...
  8. Nova radiators

    Church Boys Racing
    After researching and trying some different radiators this is what I have found to work the best for all around fit and function.....These are the Entropy line of radiators and they really do a great Job! Many members here on the site have them and this is what woe have in the Chuck Wagon. Give...