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  1. Drag Racing Forum
    put a 3500 stall off the shelf in my car. and it felt like my car was dragging down in first gear 60 ft dropped from 1.52 to 1.74. who is the best tech to find out what stall to go with thx. 421sbc canfield 220 heads 4.56 gears 350 turbo 3100lbs 26x10wide slicks
  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    i bought a 350th and the guy said he put a stage 3 shift kit in and said he didnt have to drill the valve body. But what i have heard is you have to drill the valve body. it skips 3rd and goes into neutral at high rpms. Any one have any ideas. no matter where you adjust it does same thing.
  3. Drag Racing Forum
    We have a pair of VIP spectator tickets to give out to somebody. Free passes to the Pomona NMCA West race, VIP tower admission, restricted access passes, and you get to stand on the starting line, right next to the starter, when they run first round of Pro Stock. I just found out Pro Mod racer...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Is anyone sporting the American Racing's Classic 200S wheels in their 3rd Gen??? I would like to see images, if possible. GerryLP:cool:
  5. Drag Racing Forum
    I will be there with my Currie Rearends '66 Nova, and DianaMite will be racing her '66 SS also. We are filming for the Speed Scene Live TV show. Come on down and say hi.
  6. 1968-74 Nova parts
    I'm in need of 4 speed parts for my 69 nova ... I'm looking for buy or trade ..... I'll trade or sell all my automatic stuff looking for M21 or M22 setup here is what i have : turbo 400 Super comp reverse manual TCI valvebody W/ 8Qrt oil pan freshley rebuilt with all Hughes Parts. Hughes...
  7. Drag Racing Forum
    I will be there racing at Great Bend October 8th with my '66 Nova, and DianaMite will be there also with her matching nova. It is a race called "The Speed Scene Live Nationals". We are trying to help the track make some money in this recession. Tracks have been hit hard by reduced attendance...
  8. Drag Racing Forum
    Has anyone else downloaded this bracket race app called Grassroots Drag Racing on your android device? Anyone else uses the drag racing log sheet in this app? The ET predictor only seems to work after a few races have been entered. I believe it needs a widget to grab the Humidity, Barometer and...
  9. Drag Racing Forum
    Come check out my silver 1977 Chevy Nova get a new 434 cid small block and run down the track in the low 11's at and tell me what you think Thanks Rob
  10. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I want to get a set of American racing torque thrust 2's. I was looking on summit and there is a bunch of different offsets. I would like to run 9 1/2 in the back with a 17 inch wheel. And the front i was thinking a 7 or 8 inch wide wheel. I am running 2 inch drop spindles and the hotchkins...
1-10 of 13 Results