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  1. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    I neither own this car nor can I attest to the validity of this ad / post in SF Craigslist however, I wanted to put this out into the ether for all to view for potential buyers of all parts NOVA. ~Enjoy!! :)...
  2. Nova Projects
    Hey I just got a Nova from my uncle and I wanted to start working on it now but I need a couple of parts mostly interior and I honestly don't know what a good place to buy from any help?
  3. Mid Western US
    Hello, I'm new to this site and just recently bought a 1974 Nova hatchback that I am working on restoring. I need to find interior parts and I'm finding some of them very hard to come by. Does anybody know if there are any good swap meets in Iowa and if there are, when and where will they be held?
  4. Show and Shine
    Anybody going to the Charlotte Auto Fair at the Lowes Motor Speedway NC? Lots of venders & classic cars! Its this weekend April 4th-6th. Looks like the weather is going to be great!
  5. Body and Interior
    Hey guys. I'm looking for a rear quarter panel for a 1973-74 4 Door Nova. everywhere I've been looking example classic industries and others only have them for 2 doors. My nova nova is a 9C1 police test mule and i'm keeping it stock. ANY HELP WOULD BE VERY APPRECIATED
  6. Parts for Chevy II/Nova/Acadian
    327 motor, new pistons and rings F1221ZK (left front bank) Casting Code (left rear bank) 3791362 Casting Date (right rear bank) L165 needs to get a good detergent washing, dry it out, lightly re-hone cylinders, hand polish throws on crank and double check all clearances, it needs a new...
  7. Parts for Chevy II/Nova/Acadian
    A 1966 snorkel type intake manifold (stock) that will work on any early small block but has casting numbers for a 1966 chevy II, 283 engine, 220 hp: · 3882858 · L215 · GM7
  8. Parts for Chevy II/Nova/Acadian
    A pair of 327 chevy double hump heads for 1967 car -- they need to be rebuilt the casting numbers are: · 3782461 · L135 · GM17
  9. Canadian Owners
    I just bought a 72 nova and its gonna need some work. I live in southern Ontario and was wondering if anyone knew of any canadian parts distributors I could get parts from (floor pans, rear quarter, cowl hood, some interior parts, etc....) I would like to stay local (canadian) and support our...
  10. South Western US
    Hey, Fellas. New to the group, here; and still learning to navigate my way through this expansive web site (which is why a similar post is in the electrical section). Please bear w'me. :D Just picked up my classic in August 2010, and am researching its history in addition to figuring out...
  11. Drivetrain & Performance
    I just threw a 350 in my 74 nova, but I need engine accessories for it. Like everyone I've ever known, I'm doing this on a budget. The 350 I put in is going to be mild (a weekend cruiser). This will not be a show or race car. I just want to cruise in it and have it be fairly reliable. So far, I...
  12. Canadian Owners
    This is a question for the Canadian guys on here. Anyone researched whether restoration parts for your Nova/Acadian are a better price if bought locally from a supplier in your city or if purchased from the USA suppliers (ie Classic Industries, etc)? Typically I see local shops where I live...
  13. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    What site has the cheapest parts for the third gen nova? I am looking to get new bumpers and side markers and all that jazz. Im looking for clear markers instead of orange and also led tail lights. Along with the new bumpers and stuff i am going to need new weatherstrip. Whats the best kit...
  14. Body and Interior
    i have a 1974 nova that i want to buy a 2 inch cowl hood for. a friend of mine has a 68-72 goodmark cowl hood for a great price. will this hood fit properly? if you can post any research you find or know so from experience that would be a big help . :D and just being curious..if it does fit...
1-14 of 21 Results