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  1. Park Neutral Safety Switch Question ?

    I am looking for information on Park Neutral Safety Switches.... I have a 71 Nova that I am about finished on my LS1/4L60e swap. I am keeping the Column Shifter. So. it was a two Speed PG.. People say to switch the PN switch from a TH350 one to at least be close to the correct range / detent...
  2. Help please - Park Break

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Friends I have replaced old single leaf springs with multi leaf springs. I therefore needed to replace old single leaf shock plate mounts with new ones for multi leaf springs. ( partly so that shocks would fit). Anyway now I am trying to install park brake cable but need cable supports near...
  3. keepin it original

    Chevy II/Nova/Acadian's
    i have a 63 chevy II, all numbers matching, all original sheet metal, all original powertrain, very light surface rust in trunk. the only thing on this car that isnt original is the wheels and tires, and seat belts were put in. oh and a stereo in the glove box and speakers under dash (hidden)...