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  1. Acadian Exclusive Paint Colors?

    Canadian Owners
    I recently picked up the book "Nova SS" by Steve Statham. There are four pages dedicated to the Acadian. This paragraph on Page 59 caught my attention: Although fundamentally the same car as the Chevy II, the Acadian had enough styling differences to set it apart. Besides the unique grille...
  2. Getting primer inside rocker panels?

    Body and Interior
    I had my car dipped (chemically stripped) 100% of the metal was/is bare metal. Spraying the car in epoxy now but im stumped on getting inside my rocker panels. They are in excellent shape surprisingly enough and don't need to patch em at all, looks like they have one "plug" on the backside but...
  3. 73 Window Trim Problems

    Body and Interior
    Hey all, I finally painted my Nova after 10 Years! We are running into some issues with the drip rails. The tabs that hold the drip rail on the front are removed, and so the front trim piece has nothing to attach to. Has anyone experienced this? The only solutions I can think of is to weld some...
  4. Need help with interior

    4th Generation Nova's
    My son and I are at the point of repainting the interior. We are changing it from rootbeer brown to black. The car was sitting outside for a few years and has mice damage to the heating system. Lots of rust inside the heater box and piss stained carpet pad and rust on the inside firewall. I'm...
  5. silver for my 69 nova. getting painted this week...please help

    Body and Interior
    ok guys...looking for some silver options for my nova. i was looking at the original Cortez silver but i think i want something with a little more metallic in so the color really pops. here is what he did for a test panel. we are doing rally stripes in a shade darker than the lighter silver...
  6. Paint Questions Dash/Door Jambs

    Body and Interior
    Getting ready to paint my Dash/Interior/Door Jambs on my 63. I've taken the jambs down to mostly bare metal and the dash is just sanded down and smoothed. My plan is to seal everything with DP 90LF then cover that with primer followed by sanding and finally spraying color and clear. I've got...
  7. Factory Paint Markings????

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hi, I just found a 69 L78 nova, docs and numbers, that I'm restoring and would love to restore the car to as it rolled off the assembly line, so my question is, is their any website, book or anything that I can references for the correct stickers, chalk markings, and paint markings; on the...
  8. Olympic Gold With Brown Vinyl Roof??????

    Body and Interior
    Hi, I'm new to the site and to posting, but I'm hoping to get some help, I just recently found a 69 L78 nova that I bought, docs and numbers, but when I decoded the car it came back Olympic gold with a brown vinyl roof and black bench interior and a 4 speed, and when trying to do some looking I...
  9. Reassembly Tips

    Body and Interior
    Anybody got any good tips for reinstalling the following after a repaint? - Fenders - Doors - Trunk Lid - Hood - Cowl - Quarter Glass - Weatherstripping (all) The paint is still a little soft, but I've tried to keep the garage warm for the last couple weeks (> 60). I'm trying to minimize...
  10. how to begin preparing to paint

    Body and Interior
    What steps should i take to begin the process of painting my nova? bumpers stay on? what type of sanders? please be very specific of the type of sand paper and why also how should i sand my car? tips and advice highly appreciated :) thanks in advance
  11. South Florida paint shop

    South Eastern US
    Anybody have a strong recomendation for a fantastic body/paint shop in palm beach area? My nova is not even close to paint but would like to check out their work.
  12. Original paint

    To keep or not to keep, that's my question. My '63ss factory color is Laurel Green in magic mirror acrylic lacouer. Does anyone have any strong feelings twards this color?
  13. paint for Grille Filler Panel

    Body and Interior
    I need to repaint my 1968 Grille Filler Panel. It is made of the 'yellowish" plastic that Chevy uses. What type of primer should I use. It seems there is a standard gray color for this part. Does it have a number?
  14. up to date color codes?

    Body and Interior
    I have choosen chevrolet -62 "anniversary gold" for my chevy II, but my paintshop guys said, that those original color codes have changed about four times since the early sixties. So, have anyone done it with that color and what was the paint code? It may be also, that US paint brands are...
  15. Dash, interior panels, and bezel colors???

    I have a 73 custom and im going to be painting the dash and all the interior panels so I need to know what finish to use? I also need to know what color the stripe around the dash bezel is? The dash is black as well as the interior. I already painted the door panels and I used a satin finish...
  16. Ermine White?

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    So, since I bought my '63 Nova a few months back I have always assumed it was the original Ermine White. It always appeared a bit warmer than other examples I've seen in person and online, but attributed that to the fact that mine was original paint with a nice patina and everyone else had...
  17. Does anyone know the color of this car?

    Body and Interior
    I've been looking for the name of this color blue for some time and can't seem to pin point it. It is close to a lemans blue for the corvette, however the lemans blue for the corvette is a bit darker. The viper blue for dodge is also darker than this as well. Anyone?
  18. need your opinions guys

    Show and Shine
    71 nova 2 door. it has 15" vette wheels. i just painted the car satin black. i painted all of the chrome black except: bumpers, grill/headlight bezels, tail light bezels,windsheild & rear window trim, and mirror. im thinkin about painting the bumpers, mirror, and taillight bezels black also...
  19. Interior Panel Restoration

    Body and Interior
    I've been wanting to restore the plastic panels which make up the interior of my 73' nova. Most are in good condition but the ones in the back which are very sun damaged and have faded significantly. I was wondering what would be the best way to clean then, and prepare them for painting. Also...
  20. Fort Hood, TX

    Body and Interior
    Im looking to get my Nova painted when I get back to Ft. Hood. Does anyone know of a good paint shop around that area?