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numbers matching
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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    I have been driving my little convertible around since 1994 enjoying the "three on the tree". The tranny was overhauled in 1997 and has about 3000 miles since then. What caused me to even question this was that this past month I had the engine rebuilt (first time it has been opened since 1962)...
  2. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    I've been in contact with a dealership in Florida about a 1967 ss (4spd) they have. In email claimed to be a "numbers matching" car asked for additional supporting docs , rather than the "I grew up at a dealership I know what it should look like, and it looks the part" bs form the guy...
  3. Originality
    Did the 67 ss 327 ever come with the saginaw trans? I know the used them, just figured the 283 used the Saginaw and the 327 used the M-20. (maybe I'm trippin). Any info would be great!
1-3 of 3 Results