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  1. 65 Chevy II chrome trunk plate

    1962-67 Chevy II parts
    Super condition trunk plate. Does have pitting but nothing rusted through. CHEVROLET is completely intact. Red and blue chevy logo is completely intact. Could easily be redipped if that is something you want to do. All mounting pins are complete. No loose parts. $500. Located in Bloomington Indiana.
  2. WTB 1st Gen Chevy II / nova seats

    1962-67 Chevy II parts *WANTED*
    looking for a set of seats for a first gen nova... 62-65.. looking for front buckets and a back seat, all i need are the frames and springs
  3. 15x7 15x8

    Show and Shine
    Im trying to order a new set of wheels and tires for my 1976 Chevy Nova Concours 4 door but I don’t know if the wheels and tires will fit . Can I run 15x8 wheels with 4.5” bs in the rear and 15x7 With 4” bs in the front? (Both wheels have 0 offset) Rear tires would be 255/60/15 and front...
  4. Gen 1 Black on Black SS Convertible

    Gen 1 Black on Black SS Convertible

  5. TV OPPORTUNITY FOR NORCAL! Seeking 1970 (or similar) Chevy Nova for filming

    South Western US
    Hi Nova community! I'm an associate producer on an upcoming Netflix documentary. We're interested in sourcing a 1970 Chevy Nova for filming in the Monterey / Santa Cruz area on Feb 7 and/or 8th (exact details to be ironed out in coming weeks). If you or someone you know might be interested in...
  6. Swappable Suspension for 3rd Gen?

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    First off, i'm an amateur mechanic and newbie, please go easy on me. I have a 73 that needs suspension underneath it. My question is, would the other X body platforms (Omega, Apollo, Ventura, Skylark, etc.) suspension be swappable to my nova? If there were same year ranges (years 71-74?). I also...
  7. New Member, New Car, No Title

    Member Introductions
    My son and I just bought a '77 Nova. It was raining REALLY hard. The guy handed us a bunch of papers and like an idiot I assumed it was a title and bill of sale. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the papers were junk, no title or BoS. I contacted the seller and they said they would meet...
  8. Me and my car, 1972 Nova

    Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Cristián, but my nick at avery car places is CCS, im married and have 2 childs, a girl (18) and a boy (8 years old). Im new here, i from Santiago, Chile at South America. I bought my car at may, 2008. My car is a Chevrolet Nova, 1972, 4 door sedan. OEM Specs Stock 307 sbc, with...
  9. New member, '64 Nova wagon

    Member Introductions
    Greetings, all! Found this site while searching "roof rack '64 Nova wagon" and thought it might be of help. Bought the car in '96 when original owners traded it in at dealership where my husband worked (engine issue); was hit twice (not my fault, honest!), second time (2005?) had it restored...
  10. First Passes with New BBC 467

    Drag Racing Forum
    I just wanted to share my first passes in my Nova with the new Vortec Pro 467 ( Decided it was time to get this thing on the track, ran Sunday in Fontana. Car is set up with a Th400/ATI 8" converter and 9in with 3.89s, calvert suspension...
  11. Alignment Shop in the Inland Empire

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Can anyone recommend a good alignment shop in the Inland Empire area? I'd like to take it to someone that knows these older cars and will follow the specs I want. Thank you.
  12. 1975 Chevy Nova Custom, lots of electrical work

    Hello guys, I've recently been running into a bunch of electrical issues with my Nova. It's specifically (as it says in the title) a 1975 Chevrolet Nova Custom that has been upgraded from a 262 small block, to a 383 stroker. I'll try to do a run-down of what I'm needing to do. As a side note...
  13. Interior front door panels for 1975

    Body and Interior
    Having no luck finding front interior door panels that include the metal backing for my 75 nova. anyone have recommendations on places to call or anyone has some for sell??
  14. 1-7/8” headers and 3” exhaust

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Here is a video of my personal car using our 1-7/8” headers and 3” exhaust -Stainless Made in Ohio using USA mad materials -Small block and LS 1-7/8” available -LS works with stock front end and aftermarket bolt ons...r/p only -SBC is designed for the stock front end STEERING BOX and rack and...
  15. 1973 Nova Custom 2 door

    Car Profiles
    1973 Nova Custom 2-door Pictures (up to 3 should be linked in) Year:1973 Model: Nova Custom Engine: 350 Body/Exterior: Green/Green Front End: Factory Transmission: Automatic Rear End: Exhaust: factor single Wheels/Tires: factory Rally wheels Interior: Factor bench seat...
  16. LS1 T56 to a Vortec 350

    LSx Forum
    Hi all, finally sick of my worn out leaky th350 and deciding to go for a T56 swap in my '70 Nova. Not sure if this should be in LSx... let me know. I am doing research on a T56 swap and trying to purchase parts this week. I know a guy who knows a guy with a wrecked '02 WS6 looking to sell the...
  17. New Member

    Member Introductions
    Greetings Nova Core, They call me Bandit Billy and I am from the HAMB. I come in peace to observe your world, seek out new ideas and new associations. I bring with me decades of car building knowledge, a smart ass and a 62 Nova Convertible that I'm not sure how I obtained or why. My mission...
  18. WTB 67 seat track

    Body and Interior
    I'm looking for a 67 Nova seat track for the drivers seat. Really only need the left side adjustable track, but would buy both if someone has them. Anyone know if any other tracks will fit?
  19. 1964 Nova Grills are NOW IN STOCK!! - New!!

    Classic Industries
    Hello Steve's Nova Site Members, Classic Industries is pleased to announce that 1964 Nova grills are IN STOCK NOW!! These are an exact reproduction of the aluminum grills that originally came on 1964 Chevy II/Nova standard models. Grills come with brackets assembled for easy bolt-on...
  20. 1963 Nova Grills are In Stock!! - NEW!!

    Classic Industries
    1963 Nova Grills are NOW IN STOCK!! - NEW!! Hello Steve's Nova Site Members, Classic Industries is pleased to announce that 1963 Nova grills are IN STOCK NOW!! These are an exact reproduction of the aluminum grills that originally came on 1963 Chevy II/Nova models. Grills come with brackets...