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  1. 68 nova ls swap

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    (new to the thread/posting and also my first one. The game plan is lq9 6.0 swap into my 1968 nova, this thread will unfortunately go by slow because im 21 year old working college student. So time and mostly money will effect this build. but any tips, suggestions, ideas ect. are welcomed ) so...
  2. 1971 Nova Tachometer

    I cant seem to find a definitive answer to which tach was in the 71. Is it the round or the straight? all over google I see both. Please help wanting to put in and want it to be correct. Thank you!
  3. One car that saddens me will go

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have fallen victim to posting a sale of a Nova.... So here is the add. This car has made me grin everytime I drive it. Pretty much, it is all true that has been posted in the add. Except the all leather seats. That car...
  4. Disasembling steering column collar/sleeve?

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Im taking apart the sleeve of my steering column of my 74 ss nova. I bought this car with it completly torn apart except the column itself. The new one i bought isnt working as smoothly as i wanted but its all there. My ignition is currently turning into ALL positions withOUT a key. When i...
  5. Cowl tag mystery

    I am able to decode all but the last line of the cowl tag on my 1975 Nova SS: Anybody know what the information on Line 4 translates to? Thanks!
  6. Need some old Nova enthusiast's help.

    So, my name is Bruce and I'm 18 I live in New York State (Near Albany) and have a 73 Nova (Mine is an SS Model). Also, can anyone give me some tips when changing the body mount bushings. Mine are shot, and I have new ones, is there a specific way I should go about jacking up the subframe to...
  7. First project car 72 nova!

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey. Just joined a couple days ago. The site is great. Looks like I can learn a lot from you guys and looks like I can get a lot of help from here. I've always wanted a nova and my girlfriend surprised me with one a couple days ago!! So excited to start on it. This will be the first time...
  8. Rust help for new nova

    Body and Interior
    This is probably going to be my first post of many. But i bought this car and with lil to no money i am doing this on my own and am goin to need advice until the end. I have obvious clear coat issues but right now i pulled off the hood and im starting to work on that. First time dealing with...
  9. 74 SS? is this really a SS

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    is this a real SS? im sure this question has came up before and sorry to ask it again but i would like to know if its real and how can i tell and if there is anyway that i can tell by vin numbers..thank you nova newbie
  10. 74 Nova SS - Paso Robles Ca

    Member Introductions
    I just bought a 74 nova ss about 3 weeks ago with tax money. I was told it was a ss and the only emblem there was, was the one in the front grille with a SS on my steering wheel. I got it for 2200$ and it hasnt ran in at least 12 years. I am 27 from central coast CA and this is my first...
  11. Noob - from South San Diego

    Member Introductions
    Hey! what's up I am from South San Diego. Got a great deal on this awesome 1972 Chevy Nova SS (clone) through craigslist on December... The car was in great shape - except the it's missing the quarter panels and the right head was cracked. I was able to fix the head :cool:, here is a pic of the...
  12. GenuineSS - 1975 Nova Custom, Super Sport

    Car Profiles
    GenuineSS - 1975 Nova Custom, Super Sport Year: 1975 Model: Custom, Super Sport Engine: 350 cid Body/Exterior: Persimmon Metallic (Medium Orange) Front End: stock Transmission: TH350 Rear End: 2.73 Posi-Traction Exhaust: Hedman Headers, Custom 2.5 Dual Exhaust to...
  13. Black or white SS Decals and lower stripe?

    Body and Interior
    My persimmon metallic (ORANGE) 75 Nova SS came with a white lower stripe and white Nova SS decals, but the original owner went with a cream repaint and gaudy custom SS marks. Question is, should I retore it to original white accents, or would it kick *** with a black lower strip and black Nova...
  14. Is there a 4th Generation Super Sport Registry?

    4th Generation Nova's
    I was wondering if there is a registry out there that lists all the known 75-76 Nova SS cars? If not, maybe its something we should get started! I was thinking of something similar to this site or something similar.
  15. Pinstriping Removed; Now what? Wetsanding?

    Body and Interior
    Couldn't stand the custom painted-on pinstriping on my 75 SS. Took a chance and used Easy Off oven cleaner very carefully and the pinstriping is coming off nicely without apparently damaging the 1984 applied Imron paint underneath. As expected, there are "ghosts" where the pinstriping has lived...
  16. have you seen my long lost 1976 Nova SS?

    4th Generation Nova's
    I also posted this in the BS section just in case. Its a familiar story: Way back in 1986, in a little town called Lodi, New Jersey, I smashed up my 1st car, a rare 1976 Nova SS Hatchback. Heartbroken and banged up pretty good, I sold the car for $500 bucks. Maybe, just maybe, the guy who...
  17. 1975 SS with New Cragars (Finally)

    Body and Interior
    You spoke, I listened and ditched the gold American Racing wheels that he original owner put on in the 80's. Went with chrome 15 inch Cragar S/S and I think I preserved the classic look that I'm shooting for while still drastically improving the car. Thanks for everyone's help! Last pic is with...
  18. Pinstriping and Wheels Opinions Needed

    Body and Interior Looking for some opinions from fellow Nova owners. I am really happy with the original owner...
  19. Determining Detailed Production Numbers

    Tried the GM Historical society with no luck. Anyone know how to determine detailed production numbers for a 4th Gen? I have the build sheet and production numbers for each RPO Code which is awesome data. But can we find out stuff like, " How many Persimmon Metallic SS's were made in 1975?" or...