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  1. Rear end whir during heavy braking

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I rebuilt my 8.2" 10-bolt on my 70 with new gears and Yukon LSD. It has about 100 miles on it now. During hard braking there is a whir noise like there is a flat spot on a bearing. No other noise during cruise, coasting, accel or deccel. Here is a picture of the gear wear. This is my first diff...
  2. Reducing Hot Interior - Advice Needed

    Body and Interior
    I'm looking for some advice from others who have had the problem of interior heat. I've been feeling like I'm in an oven when driving my 73 in Texas, especially during rush hour traffic. At first I though the heater was somehow on heating up my car but come to find out the heat is coming from...
  3. What is that noise!!! (with video)

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hey guys, I don't know much about mechanics...this is my first project (haven't done much to it) but today my Nova started to make this weird noise. I don't know what it is... Here is a video, but before you watch it...i want to let you know that it's not a good video, couldn't let it idle by...
  4. front driver wheel making noise 73

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I noticed a clacking noise in the front drivers side wheel while driving home the other day. I took the drum off and notice the brakes needed to be replaced so I did that and the oise is still there. The strange part is that I cannot hear the noise at any speed lower than 20 or any speed higher...
  5. TH350 noise?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I got a TH350 trans with a new hughes 2,200 stall converter in my 63 SS. I notice while shifting from 2-3 I hear this whistle noise from under the car somewhere. Fluid in trans is full and clean. I double checked that my shifter is properly adjusted. It only will do it when I really lay into the...