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  1. Sheared off msd distributor gear

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Sbc 327 . On my way home from the track from drag racing. About 5 miles from the house KABANG! Car dies. Tow it home, rotor is not turning. Pulled distributor and the gear is sneered off. I'm running a hydraulic flat tappet summit k1108 cam with 1.6 roller rockers. I did get the car really hot...
  2. Msd 7al-3

    Drag Racing Forum
    OK guys last year I mounted my 7AL-3 on the tunnel under the dash on rubber mounts, some what handy there but alot of a vibration and looks like Crap. Anyone have any pictures or theirs or can explain where they mounted thiers. To help explain, I have a drag strip only 72 nova, Complete...
  3. Need help wireing tach to MSD dist

    I just got a tach and i would like to see how people wired theirs up. I am running a MSD Chevy V8 w/Internal Module Distributor PN 8360 along with a Blaster SS Coil, PN 8207. The distributor has a little gray wire coming out of it and that is the "tach input wire" But i don't know what that...
  4. MSD 6al super hei kit + 69 nova= confused

    I understand I have to change the resistor wire to a regular wire to run an hei distributor. I bought the super hei kit to run the 6al box with my current hei distributor. I feel like the wiring diagrams dont take in to account that my car was originally a points style car. I am not sure how to...
  5. MSD Distributor corrosion problem.

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I remember reading about people having trouble with the advance weights, pickups and rotors in MSD distributors being badly corroded in fairly new distributors. It seems like someone complained and they replaced the bad parts or the distributor for free. I pulled mine out yesterday and it...