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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    hey guys this is very much a newbie question but I've been looking into getting an manual overdrive tranny for my 62 with a 250ci and PG tranny. after looking for a little while I have basically found ether I could find one of the old three speed Saginaw's with the solenoid type overdrive which...
  2. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I looked all over this site, found bits and pieces but hoping to find out more about this: I would like install a center console in my 69. Its a floor shift manual setup right now, with everything out, hole in tunnel is off center toward driver seat. I have an original console with gages and...
  3. 4th Generation Nova's
    * I am not liable for Damaged parts, injuries, or the inability to rebuild the vehicle due to the following of my instructions in this guide* So I've had a few people from the 4th Generation Nova Facebook page ask me to do a write up on my Automatic to Manual Transmission Conversion. This...
  4. Drivetrain & Performance
    Can someone give me so help explaining the difference between close and wide ratio trannys and the pros and cons? Im wanting to put a muncie or super T10 in my 73. The car currently has a 3.42 rear gear so what trans ratio should i be looking for? The motor will make around 400-425hp. Thank you
  5. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I'm swapping the manual steering to power. I've got a gear box supposedly from another 70 or 72 Nova. When I attempted to test fit it today its alignment to the column was a touch off. Meaning the gear box was pointed a touch high. Does anyone know if it is supposed to be or needs to be dead...
  6. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Looking to upgrade my steering to a forward manual rack. Im going to flip my steering arms to front steer to save a little coin. My question is, Should I flip my stock steering arms or exchange for A-Body steering arms? The steering arms on an A-Body don't dip like nova steering arms. Thanks
  7. Body and Interior
    Hello, I have looked all over for a reproduction and original 4-speed shifter humps for my 1973. Unfortunately I have not found one. Therefore I am now looking for alternative 4-speed shifter humps. I prefer one that is non-console. I have found a 1972 nova 4-speed shifter humps but it was...
  8. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    i test drove the nova yesterday, and i have no brakes. the pedal goes to the floor. im going to bleed them, and adjust them. now my question: does the shorter pad go towards the front? ive never done front drums, but i always put it towards the front when i do rear drums.
  9. Originality
    I have a 66 small block with an auto. I'd like to convert it to a manual, a Muncie would be easier but I'm thinking I'd like to go more modern like a Richmond 6 speed. Does anyone know what I can swap in to land the shifter in the factory location. I'd have no problem moving the engine forward...
  10. Nova Projects
    396nova - 1974 Nova Year: 1974 Model: Nova Engine: 396 Body/Exterior: stock Front End: 69 conversion Transmission: T350 3 speed auto soon to be tremec tko-500 :) Rear End: 10 bolt posi with 4:56 gears Exhaust: hedman headers, flowmaster mufflers and exhaust...
1-10 of 10 Results