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  1. Keisler rs Transmission Info/review

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Anyone runnin the Keisler rs 5 spd? I love the idea of a 5 spd, but not if that requires sacrificing "power shifts", "banging gears". It's a muscle car what would be the point of not being able to wined it up and slam some gears from time to time (all the time:D:devil:)?
  2. Manual trans questions

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Got a 1966 post car which I have replaced the front clip with a TCI unit. Engine going in is a 400 sb with a saganaw 4 speed behind it. I had a Lakewood scatter shield so I used it with a 11" clutch 168 tooth flywheel. I didn't worry about the 9 oclock position since I changed the front clip. I...