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  1. Electrical
    Hi, I have headlights and turn signals but nothing else. This just happened. No recent changes. Never a problem with the electrical system in over 30 years of ownership. All fuses have continuity. Suggestions on where to start are appreciated.
  2. Body and Interior
    hello, can anyone tell me where does this lights are attached to? first one seems to be pedal lights and the another could be the ashtray light or maybe another floor light? they work with the dimmer and stays on when you turn on the lights thanks in advance - Nova 73 250 Automatic 2 door coupe
  3. Electrical
    Hey everyone, I have '70, and I'm new here. My turn signals have been working fine for the past 2.5 years I've had the car, except for the left signal not "clicking off" after making a left turn. Recently, my turn signals don't come on when I use the indicator, but my hazards work fine. I think...
  4. Electrical
    Hello! Still kind of new to this forum but i'm happy of have found it. I'm having trouble with my rear passenger light. It doesn't turn on at all and the rear drivers side light it brighter then the other, even when it was just a faint light. There were some exposed wires but I put caps on...
  5. Electrical
    Guys, I have looked all over the place and i cannot find anything on this. I am trying to see if there are specific lights to put behind the heater control unit to illuminate it. I saw a thread about finding a new mother board but dont understand what that is. I looked under the dash and cannot...
  6. Electrical
    Recently the taillights, brake lights & console lights went out on my 65 (4 door). I found a burnt out fuse and in the process of replacing it, i noticed a small spark in the fuse box. now the car has no power even when a fresh fuse was put in. Anybody know what it could be?
  7. Body and Interior
    I was wondering if anyone has tried to restore their tail light lenses? Mine are dull and hazy and i want to clear them up. Any methods or tricks you guys have used that work well?
  8. Member Introductions
    Hey guys just bought a sweet start to a resto... and was wondering were a front clip cross reference would be. I dont want to put the huge factory bumpers back on... thanks for the help cuz im going to need a bunch in the future.
  9. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    hey everyone, i had bought a 1974 nova in feb of 2010 for a nice project car. i have recently finished it and the only problem i have is that the dash lights wont turn on? i looked at all the bulbs, made sure the dimmer wasnt all the way down and checked the fuse. the only thing that does light...
  10. Electrical
    I have a 72 Nova that I am going to make semi custom. I have been tinkering with the dash off and on throughout the summer. Most of the ideas I have received from this forum board. I am now getting frustrated with the wiring. All of the guages and lamps are new I even replaced the headlight...
1-10 of 10 Results