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  1. Body and Interior
    I can't seem to find a replacement bezel or lens for my hatchback trunk light that's mounted on the driver side rear interior panel in the trunk area. All the ones I come across are just the dome lights for the roof. :confused::confused: Any help is appreciated! Here's a few pictures:
  2. Body and Interior
    Hey guys, iv looked at alot of different novas at carshows and it looks to me like i can put a clear 1970 turn/parking light lens on my 68. I just dont like the look of the amber one and was wanting to make sure im able to interchange these yrs of lens. The picture of a 70 lens on chevy2only...
  3. Originality
    just a quick newbi question.....does the reverse part of the lens go on the bottom or the top?
1-3 of 3 Results