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leaf spring
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  1. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Passenger side axel moves forward and backwards sliding on the leaf spring. How do i fix this? What pictures do you need to look this over and get an idea of what's wrong?
  2. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    so i got my new multi leaf springs in today with the installation kit :D i got 4 "U" bolts in the kit...but it looks like my brake lines will be in the way. it did come with "T" bolts but only 4 of them....i think i'd need 8 right? :eek: if i can get the brake line out of the way a bit could i...
  3. Drag Racing Forum
    Good day everyone; Cheese here asking all readers what in your opinion is the best fitting weld in six point rollbar for first gen cars. I have a '63 that is going under the knife come the first of the year and was wondering what is the best option? I'm looking for a very close fit in the main...
1-3 of 4 Results