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  1. exhaust advise

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I am getting close to being done with restoration of my 1969 L78 396 Nova. My goal is for car to be stock appearing other than headers. I want to exhaust to look correct with the correct tailpipes and transverse muffler. I know Gardner makes the premium correct system, but they are expensive and...
  2. 69 L78 altenator location and brackets

    Hi, My 69 Nova SS L78 396 was built Nov 1968. As I am completing my restoration, I noticed that my alternator pulleys and brackets have been altered or changed. Since this was torn apart 30 years ago, I am not sure what I have or need. The engine had the short water pump on it (it had been...
  3. Factory Paint Markings????

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Hi, I just found a 69 L78 nova, docs and numbers, that I'm restoring and would love to restore the car to as it rolled off the assembly line, so my question is, is their any website, book or anything that I can references for the correct stickers, chalk markings, and paint markings; on the...
  4. Olympic Gold With Brown Vinyl Roof??????

    Body and Interior
    Hi, I'm new to the site and to posting, but I'm hoping to get some help, I just recently found a 69 L78 nova that I bought, docs and numbers, but when I decoded the car it came back Olympic gold with a brown vinyl roof and black bench interior and a 4 speed, and when trying to do some looking I...