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  1. Originality
    I found a piece a paper hog tied to my blue cloth rear seat. The piece of paper attached to the seat has the trim number 751. I thought 751 is for black vinyl bench. But my cowl tag says 756. Which the seat looks to be a blue cloth bench which goes with 756. I’m super confused why my blue cloth...
  2. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hello everyone! New member here, thanks for letting me in! I have a 66 post car that im currently restoring. I was wondering what everyone is running for rear bench seat if you do not have the original. I would like to retain some sort of original look but that isn't entirely important. Any...
  3. Body and Interior
    Awhile back I stripped out the old speaker setup the previous owner had install as it was scary how much of a dumbasses when they were installing the speakers. It appears half way through they decided to install two speaker boxes instead of the apparent 6x9 speakers as only one mounting hole is...
  4. Originality
    I'm looking to replace the original factory carpet in my '75 hatchback. Has anyone found a good product on-line? Was thinking of trying a summit carpet kit.
  5. Body and Interior
    Thank you to everyone who helped out with advice. I'm happy to have found this site. You all are great!! I will upload as many pics as i can.
1-5 of 5 Results