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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    I have this intake that came on this motor and I can't for the life of me find any kind of identifying mark. Does Anyone have any idea what this thing is or where I could find a serial or model number on it? Its on a 468 BBC Thank you
  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    I'm having issues with a Holley 650 double pumper. Engine seems to flood or not start. It's was on the car when I bought it and it's given me problems since day one. Part of the problem is that I'm new at tuning a carb. The other problem is the carb was hooked up incorrectly, probably missing...
  3. Drivetrain & Performance
    I am looking for help to show me how to hook up the linkage on the Offenhauser intake with 2 one barrel Rochester carbs on an inline 250 6 cylinder engine in 1965 Chevy pickup truck or similar vehicle - should be the same - would like to know how the setup is between the firewall and the carbs
  4. Drivetrain & Performance
    I am looking to buy a 4 barrel intake manifold to replace the stock 2 barrel. (Will purchase carb to match, not asking for any comments on that so don't waste anyone's time) The listing has this information, but the drop down box cannot determine if it will match up with the 305 engine. Can...
  5. Drag Racing Forum
    I have a 72 pontiac venturaII (3100lbs) 8.5 gm 10 bolt 4.10 gears full spool 406 sbc .200 dome speed pro pistons,steel crank,5.7 rods,solid roller lifters,dart iron eagle platium 230 heads 2.08/1.60 64cc, flows 307cfm @.700 lift [email protected] .700 lift. 830 race style holley carb. 5500 stall 350...
  6. Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a 350, mild cam, edelbrock performer intake and heads (6089). Recently took the car out and developed a rattle/Diesel sound to it. After removing the valve covers I noticed a rocker laying next to a snapped stud, another rocker able to spin, and a missing pushrod. After removing the...
  7. Drag Racing Forum
    I have some questions reguarding nitrous applications. The story goes: I have a 1977 Chevy Nova. Im almost finished building a completely forged 383 stoker to use with nitrous. My aim is to use a 200hp shot. I currently have: Cam is: Edelbrock Performer RPM 308° Intake/318° Exhaust 488''...
  8. Drivetrain & Performance
    So i have been looking at spectres "Universal" Muscle Car Intakes. I like the way they look (custom,unique), but unsure how well they fit and perform. There are two different ones i was looking at for my '66 with a 350. The first i looked at, and is my favorite, is their 90 degree setup...
  9. Drivetrain & Performance
    I currently have a stock 250 L6 and want to throw on some headers, an offy 4bbl intake, and a carb. I have heard the 390 Holley is best, but what model number carb works best for this application?
  10. 4th Generation Nova's
    The metal part that brings air into the filter holder finally finished rusting off today and is currently being held together with electrical tape. Id really like to replace the whole thing with something shiny and nice that isnt too time consuming to install, any suggestions?
  11. Drivetrain & Performance
    would i be correct in assuming that when choosing an intake manifold that i should choose one with and rpm range that is close to the cams rpm range? for instance if the cam specs say 1600-5800 rpm,that a good intake for it would be like 1500-6000 rpm or idle-6000 or something like that? and...
  12. Drivetrain & Performance
    OK- Spring is around the corner and I really need some advice on the type of cam, carb and intake combo I install on my 1975 Nova SS with 64,000 original miles. My Goal: Best street/strip performance from a bone stock 350 Primary Use: Show on Wednesday, GO on Friday! Considering Edlebrock...
  13. Drivetrain & Performance
    what's up guys, question for ya. I'm in the process of rebuilding my 350 and wanna do it right and get the most for my dollar, so here's what I've got. Lunati 292 @ 480 cam stock block +30 stock crank stock rods Holley Street Avenger 670cfm Now here is where my questions come in I'm trying to...
1-13 of 14 Results