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  1. Drivetrain & Performance
    Hey guys So I have a first gen with a 250 out of a 72 and today I’m starting the process of replacing the stock intake a carb with a offenhauser 4barrel intake and a holley 390. I’m leaving the stock exhaust manifold for now but will soon be getting headers. And I plan on driving the car a good...
  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    2-door 73 nova. recently rebuilt 383. 350 auto trans. holley 650. The car was running / sounding fine. I tried the switch out the intake but the new one I got didn't fit so I put the old one back on. I did not do a good job of sealing the intake, had barley enough gasket maker for the job...
  3. Drivetrain & Performance
    I know this has probably been asked before, but just wondering what kind of big block intakes and carbs others are using under a stock hood. The deal is, I'm building a 496 with RHS 320 heads, 10.5 to 1 compression, and a Lunati Voodoo solid roller cam, 255 int. 263 [email protected], on a 108 lsa, and...
  4. Parts for Chevy II/Nova/Acadian
    A 1966 snorkel type intake manifold (stock) that will work on any early small block but has casting numbers for a 1966 chevy II, 283 engine, 220 hp: · 3882858 · L215 · GM7
  5. Drivetrain & Performance
    would i be correct in assuming that when choosing an intake manifold that i should choose one with and rpm range that is close to the cams rpm range? for instance if the cam specs say 1600-5800 rpm,that a good intake for it would be like 1500-6000 rpm or idle-6000 or something like that? and...
  6. Drivetrain & Performance
    what's up guys, question for ya. I'm in the process of rebuilding my 350 and wanna do it right and get the most for my dollar, so here's what I've got. Lunati 292 @ 480 cam stock block +30 stock crank stock rods Holley Street Avenger 670cfm Now here is where my questions come in I'm trying to...
1-6 of 6 Results