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instrument cluster

  1. Body and Interior
    My 1972 nova currently has a clock blank. I am in the process of removing the instrument cluster for some other repairs and want to add a clock. So many different options that are differently priced out there. Some $208 some $299. Big difference. I don’t know what is good and what is bad. Can...
  2. Body and Interior
    what would be the best way to clean the clear plastic on the gauge cluster?? i almost used windex but googled it and that would have been a big mistake. who used what and does the slight fogginess come back?
  3. Body and Interior
    I am trying to take out my instrument cluster of my 1975 nova to replace my clock with a tach but i'm not sure how to get the steering column out to do so. Can anyone give me some pretty detailed instructions on how to remove this thanks!