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  1. Originality
    Hi! New here and looking for some info. Just inherited a 1970 2dr nova inline 6 with 89k original miles not flipped. My question is, will I hurt the value if I swap the 6 for v8? I'm not looking to make a SS clone, just looking for that muscle car motor for my muscle car.
  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    Seeing as an engine swap in my '65 from 194ci to a 327 SBC is ineffivitable, are there any modifications that need to be done so the 2speed powerglide can handle the higher amounts of torque and horsepower of the small block engine? I am aware that I will need a new radiator and will have to...
  3. Drivetrain & Performance
    So i've been looking through the mass quantities of inline six threads (and drooling profusely) and still have a couple questions. first, i'm driving a '64 with the 194 inline six. 1) I remember seeing a link about converting to HEI distributor. I've been messing with my points/timing and...
  4. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I've got a wonderful little 64 Chevy II 4 door, but I'm not sure what the value would be on it. Its got a straight body, though the front passenger fender has rust pretty bad. the rest is good, floor pan is great everywhere but the trunk. Seats were trashed, so its got blankets over the back...
  5. Drivetrain & Performance
    so.. I've got a 64 with the 194 inline six. I understand its not a real big mover, but its what i got :devil: I rebuilt the carb when i first got the car, and have been messing with it ever since. Its a rochester single barrel, but its from a 76 (i believe) and is definitely not the stock...
  6. Drag Racing Forum
    Can anyone help me identify this pulley set up, i know the top pulley isa regular supercharger set up bt what about the other two pulleys? I would like this set up for my car and i dont know where to get it
1-6 of 6 Results