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  1. Need Help getting out of the loop

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi! I recently installed an all new MSD 6al ignition system on my car. I also put an msd ready to run distributor on it aswell, Which has the mechanical and the vacuum advance on it. When i Put the new distributor it I reset the timing to 0. then not realizing what the mechanical advance and...
  2. Two barrel to four barrel loss of power

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a sbc 350 with a th350 on a 72 nova that had a two barrel rochester. After using the car as my daily for a while my carb started to stumble and act up on me. So i decided i would just get a fresh carb and move up to a four barrel instead of spending time and money on the two barrel. So I...
  3. 350 started twice after rebuild

    Drivetrain & Performance
    73 nova with 350 engine and Holley 650. The engine started knocking, I took the heads off and two of the valves were bent. I got everything put back together and the first time I tried to start the engine it backfired through the carb. Whoops. After getting my plug wires on correctly and...
  4. Engine starts in "RUN" position

    I have a 64 SS, the other day i went to start the car and the engine was trying to start in the run position. I replaced the ignition switch but still have the same problem. New starter and solenoid. Anyone have any suggestions or help?
  5. Timing question

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I have a question about timing that honestly I'm kinda embarrassed to say I still am not sure of the answer. So the question is that before i put the distributor in how do you decide where to set the timing mark on the balancer? What factors dictate whether its set on 0 or advanced and if...
  6. voltage but no spark

    my friend has a 72 nova with a 307 and we cant get it to start. It has the Accel points eliminator kit and when it wouldn't start we found the module burned up. We replaced the module and still no start, and we were out of ideas and running low on day light so we replaced the coil too and still...
  7. Ignition Swap out info/help (resistor wire)

    I just changed out the points on my 63 convertible nova i6 194. i read a ton of stuff on here that said you had to change out resistor wire. this would be the braided wire that goes from the terminal block on the fire wall down to the starter, right? (that's where mine went) well the...
  8. carb help. exhaust stinks! help!

    Drivetrain & Performance
    not sure if it's mixture or what but the exhaust is pretty strong. feels like i soaked my close in exhaust after i drove a couple miles. something i could do before i upgrade to a new carb? or just upgrade now?? i6 1 barrel is in it now. did some research for upgrades and found the Weber...
  9. 63 Nova Upgrade ideas...??

    Drivetrain & Performance
    i was wondering about upgrades for a 63 i6 nova for better performance. any suggestions on brands/makes/models for upgrades on the following would be appreciated.... electronic ignition instead of points.....(pertronix II is what i've seen to find for this, any others? how hard is it to do??)...
  10. Toggle switchin

    I have a push button start, but I still need to turn my ignition switch on( no key needed) to power on the fuel pump,fan and so on. I want to put my ignition on a toggle switch instead. I don't want to remove the key switch. I just want to cut the wires and hook it up to the toggle. Does any one...
  11. Ignition wire?

    I built a new dash for my 1970 nova. All wired up and ready to install. My plan is to remove the key switch for my ignation( all ready have a push start connected) and connect it to a toggle switch. Instead of ripping apart my sterling colum, can one of you experts tell me what wire I need to...
  12. 75 Nova V8 Automatic steering column and ignition

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    ok so Ive been having problem with starting my car. Just had ignition replaced but few weeks after Id have to hold shifter on column up and to the front and then turn key for it to start but now it won't do anything. I have power and radio and lights come on. Somebody told me whole steering...
  13. ToXiKNova74 -1974 "Spirit of America" Chevy Nova

    Car Profiles
    I've been away from this site for sometime (haven't logged on since last year lol) and I've just learned that my nova MAY be the bicentennial Spirit of America edition. This was previously owned by my grandfather and has since, passed away. It has been sitting in the garage for quite sometime...
  14. '74 350 shutting off while driving

    After multiple dead-end trips to the mechanic and a shrinking wallet, it's time to ask the true Nova guys for a hand... My 1974 SS 350 is simply cutting off while driving. The car will run like a champ until it decides to sputter a few times and then completely shut off, complete with idiot...
  15. Ignition totally dead after jump start

    Ok, i am in the home stretch of getting my 70 nova completed. The car was running fine for initial startup and break in, never an issue from day one (msd 6btm and stock harness). The battery was weak (tried to start it, it turned over very weakly - not nearly enough to start it) so brought my...
  16. 78 ignition replacement

    Body and Interior
    I need to replace the ignition tumbler on my 78 coupe. Anyone know how to do this and if it's very difficult. Luckily it's stuck to where I can still start it, but not very comforting knowing it can go with no key.
  17. Oh great!!!!

    Started the wagon today to get some fresh gas circulated into the carburetor, and it started, but I noticed that the starter kept going. I thought,"oh great!!!', and I quickly backed-off a little the ignition key, and the starter stopped running, and then the engine stopped. I started it again...
  18. Points to HEI Question

    I just bought a '69 Nova and would like to tune it up. I'm not sure when the last tune up was, but I want to convert the points style ignition to and HEI style. I have read up on HEI ignition on these boards, and a lot of people say the distributor sometimes won't clear the firewall because...
  19. '69 Nova Questions (First Post)

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey guys. My name's Ryan and I just bought a '69 Nova SS Clone. The owner didn't do much of the work himself, and didn't have a whole lot to tell me about the car. I've had it for about 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. I looked at the VIN, and found out a little bit about the car...
  20. Is this normal?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I just noticed that the centrifugal advance on my distributor goes from about 15 degrees up to 36 but then seemed to drop off about 1 to 2 degrees. Does anyone know if it is supposed to do that?