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  1. 63 4 door sedan, can't open hood

    Body and Interior
    My hood is closed. I open the latch and the hood will not move. I am not sure how to get open the hood. There is no spring. Any advice is appreciated thank you.
  2. 73 Hood

    Body and Interior
    Hey guys I'm looking for a place to get a stock 1973 Nova hood. Online if possible. Everything that I find is either a cowl or something different. I'm not terribly picky but something that would bring it close to original would be good. Also would it be possible for the 1972 hoods to fit with...
  3. 1966-67 modified hoods. (1970 chevelle cowl on a 66)

    Body and Interior
    I have been wanting for the last couple of years to modify a hood for my car. What i have always wanted to do is graft a 1970-72 cowl induction hood from a chevelle onto my nova. I had found an article online after countless hours of searching for an aftermarket fiberglass hood of a shop which...
  4. Super Sport Hood/Hood Grate question

    Body and Interior
    I know Chevelle's and Camaros came with a different hood to put the SS grates on them. My question is, did Nova's? I want to add the grates to the hood of my Nova and wonder if i can just put them on the hood i already have.... If i can, does anyone know EXACTLY where they go? Is there an...
  5. 65 Chevy II Nova Hood Spear

    I notice all the repop hood spears for 1st generation list 1962-1964. Does 1965 have a unique spear? Is it longer? Different shape? My original 65 spear has 6 attachment points and seems to look like the repop. Unfortunately the chrome though not pitting, does not look so good. Thanks in advance...
  6. Small block air gap under stock 3rd gen hood

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Anybody know if a small block RPM air gap will fit under a stock 3rd gen hood? Vortec heads, if it matters, 7516 part number. I already have a drop base air cleaner. Thanks.
  7. Rust help for new nova

    Body and Interior
    This is probably going to be my first post of many. But i bought this car and with lil to no money i am doing this on my own and am goin to need advice until the end. I have obvious clear coat issues but right now i pulled off the hood and im starting to work on that. First time dealing with...
  8. hood fitting

    Body and Interior
    i have a 1974 nova that i want to buy a 2 inch cowl hood for. a friend of mine has a 68-72 goodmark cowl hood for a great price. will this hood fit properly? if you can post any research you find or know so from experience that would be a big help . :D and just being curious..if it does fit...
  9. Make A 4th Gen look like a 3rd Gen?

    Body and Interior
    Hello I am thinking of saving to buy a Nova, but the 68'-74' models are harder to find, more expensive, and (in my opinion) better looking to me then the 75'-79'. I was wondering if anyone have fabricated, or acquired the body of a 68'-74' nova, and applied it to the later model nova? Or maybe...