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  1. Pleaseeee Help!! Stripped Seat Belt Bolts

    Body and Interior
    so i finally got to the bare essentials on the interior in my 4th gen nova, and come to find out there are three seat-belt bolts that just wont budge. they are stripped beyond measure smh. any remedies, tricks, or just pure advice. i need these out asap... p.s. i wondered why it didn't have...
  2. Carb Problems!!

    Drivetrain & Performance
    ok so can anyone help me to understand this! I have a 72' Nova with a built 355 that I started this weekend to break the cam in. (comp cams flat tappet mutha thumper with 1.6 rockers) I have a great running street avenger holley carb dynoed and tuned on my 383 chevy c10 that should've worked...
  3. radiator support hot when not grounded???

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    ok so im not sure if im just an idiot or not if someone could please explain this to me. So the deal is i re-routed all the wires in my 72' and it came out really nice, if everything is hooked up right. I was using a test light and the headlights werent working, then i realized that the radiator...
  4. Help me fix my rust bucket.

    Body and Interior
    Ok so now that I have finally gotten my Nova running, the next issue I am going to address, is the horrid body....the photo attached does not show the issues Im facing. The quarter panels are completely rusted out...and also the floor is rusted out...the chassis seems save able with some...