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  1. 69 Nova vs 70 Nova signal lenses

    Body and Interior
    I own a 69 nova and i’ve been trying to buy clear signal lenses for it, and it seems impossible to find such a simple thing. I know the 70 Nova had clear turn signal lenses but i’m not sure if they would fit a 69. Someone help me figure this out, thanks.
  2. Weird Distributor

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi forum. I have a 63' wagon with what I'm pretty sure at this point the stock 194 but could be different. It's pretty apparent after a quick run to the parts store to give it a tune up that it had a different distributor. It looks like an HEI setup by the distributor and coils, but I don't want...
  3. Help needed re vin # from brand new member

    Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone I am recently back into a new to me 62 or 63 Chevy 2 Convertible after 12 years, having sold my 65 hardtop to finance my honeymoon. Yes, we are still together! Previously had both a 62 and 63 convertible Chevy 2 - at the same time. Yes, I did run one set of plates back and forth on...
  4. Door alignment problems after install new seal.

    Body and Interior
    I installed my new driver side door seal about a month ago. Door aligns perfectly without it. After install I now stick out past rear qtr on bottom of the door. I have a 1966 nova ss. Any helpful ideas?
  5. First gen v8 swap starter wiring

    I swapped my 6 for a 8. The engine is 80-85 350. I am trying to wire up the starter. 1. I have the power wire running to the large center post 2. i have two eyelets. - 1 purple - 1 black red / 1 black I tried both eyelets on both posts. I can hard jump it. Please help to understand...
  6. 1974 nova sl6 help

    Drivetrain & Performance
    i have a 1974 nova with original straight 6, on top of the thermostat housing is a little valve/pressure switch that i am told controls to auto choke, mine is snapped in half... any ideas where i can buy a new one.. i have tried all the auto parts places(napa, autozone, advance auto etc..) no...
  7. 1974 nova with Straight 6 and front drum brakes

    Drivetrain & Performance
    trying to find a picture on the master cylinder and proportioning valve line hook up for original parts, everything I have found on line is for new after market stuff, I bought the car friday, and the lines were already cut at the proportioning valve so I dont know what line goes where... if any...
  8. Wrong head choice?

    Drag Racing Forum
    I am building a 77 nova street/bracket car and after doing some research i think i may have made the wrong choice on my heads? my basic combo, 77 nova aprox. 3200lbs w driver. Built th350,3500 stall 8.5 rear w/ 4.88 gears, short block balanced .030 350 4 bolt main, speed pro forged flat tops...
  9. I need some advice

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone a few weeks ago my wife's grandmother left us her 76 nova. I'm very new to the idea of restoring a classic car and my knowledge of cars is basic but I'm learning. After doing a little looking online I found out my new car is a medalist edition. After leaning that less then 5,500...