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  1. Cooling and Heating
    I have a 77 nova that has 5 wires coming out of the firewall for the heater. A black with white stripe, tan, orange, blue, and green. I have a 4 blade resistor and all diagrams I have seen only show 3 . Please help!
  2. Cooling and Heating
    I recently hooked up my new heater core. Before i drained the radiator since i haven't flushed it in a few. After i installed and re-filled coolant i notice when i drive with the car completely warmed up and the thermostat open it runs at 180 as it should. But when i turn on my heater the temp...
  3. Body and Interior
    Hello Everyone, I have been looking into a fix for a common issue on my '74, my heater core tubes are too close to my valve covers. From what I have read the best fix is to get a '69 Camaro BB heater core. But everyplace I have read this it also said to get the core cover. Why can't I just...
  4. Electrical
    I have been trying to sort out the wiring on a 1965 Nova. I see a yellow wire hanging out of the harness on the left side of the radio. I have checked the wiring diagram and I think that is suppose to go to the heater switch, but well, I can't find a heater switch. Does it get turned off and on...
  5. Electrical
    Guys, I have looked all over the place and i cannot find anything on this. I am trying to see if there are specific lights to put behind the heater control unit to illuminate it. I saw a thread about finding a new mother board but dont understand what that is. I looked under the dash and cannot...
  6. Body and Interior
    parts's the part where the heater would blow out onto the floor. so it sends the air in a direction. what is it called so i can get another one??? and where would i get this?? hope that makes sense...... thanks!
  7. Electrical
    The heater blower circuit in my '66 SS has a relay in it that I don't see in either the '65 or '67 wiring diagrams (don't see a '66 diagram pinned). The heater blower on this '66 SS w/ factory AC doesn't blow on any speed. Using a meter, the switch seems to work properly as does the heater...