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heater core

  1. Heater/Engine temp question.

    Cooling and Heating
    I recently hooked up my new heater core. Before i drained the radiator since i haven't flushed it in a few. After i installed and re-filled coolant i notice when i drive with the car completely warmed up and the thermostat open it runs at 180 as it should. But when i turn on my heater the temp...
  2. Best Way To Bend Heater Core Outlets?

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I am trying to install a new heater core but I can't get it back in. I think the outlets are off by a little bit and are making it very difficult for me to get this heater core back in place. Anybody have any suggestions or should I try to bend the outlets as I do not have a big enough tube...
  3. Nova inner heat box assembly

    Body and Interior
    will a inner heat box assembly from a 71 nova work in a 68 nova ? non AC cars Thanks Rustys 68 nova
  4. Help please!!!! Heater core isntallation question????

    hey im new to stevesnovasite and i just bought my very first nova, its a 72 nova. Well, winter just got here as well and the heater was bypassed in the car, ive never replaced a heater ore before and i was wondering if anyone knew the steps involved in removing the old and putting in the new...
  5. Heater core replacement and some other questions

    4th Generation Nova's
    Well I have pretty much completely stripped my interior, everything is gone except the dash and the rear package tray. The rust on the floor pan isn't too bad, I'll only have to replace one piece. I found out from the original owner that the heater core is infact bad, which explains the hole...