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  1. Body and Interior
    1973 Nova Coupe I need to determine what type of replacement headliner to order. The options are with a seat belt retractor or without. The old headliner is gone so I can't reference it. The seat belt in my car that goes across the waist is retractable. The shoulder strap is adjustable near the...
  2. Body and Interior
    Has anyone found a 1 piece headliner that fits a 1969? I know TMI is making them for almost every other GM Muscle Car from the same era. I can find them for 1974 and newer Novas, but I am not sure if a '74 headliner would fit in a '69.
  3. Body and Interior
    Thank you to everyone who helped out with advice. I'm happy to have found this site. You all are great!! I will upload as many pics as i can.
  4. Body and Interior
    I have a 1973 2-door Nova. I recently replaced the headliner and as I was putting the headliner back in the car I realized the driver and passenger shoulder seat belt bolt holes are not threaded. It looks like there was a nut that went inside the frame (between the roof and headliner...
  5. Body and Interior
    Hey guys i need the metal strips that the wind lace/headliner attaches to on the interior roof. Any aftermarket companies selling them?
  6. Body and Interior
    Hi Everyone, I bought my first nova not to long ago never really worked on restoring anything before and i am really excited to dig into this one. I am going to replace the headliner in my 72 2door sedan, the interior was all taken apart before i got it i was wondering if some of you guys...