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  1. Electrical
    '68 Nova Whenever I pull on the parking lights or headlamps, both the yellow and green wires to the tail lights are energized. Without headlamp switch off everything is fine (brake, turn) but with the headlamps on the brake lights are always lit because it energizes the green/yellow wires also...
  2. Electrical
    All six turn signals work on 71 nova. When I turn headlights on the front right turn signal doesn't work it gets brighter but doesn't work. The right, side one blinks but not the front. I assume ground but cant find it any ideas please help!
  3. Electrical
    Took the nova out tonight for a cruise. Went to head home and I have no headlights at all. Everything else is fine. But no hi or low beam on either one. I tried to see if there was a fuse out but it was not the best circumstances. Is there a fuse specifically for the headlights? Is it in the...
  4. Electrical
    So, ive been looking around for a while on what would be needed for me to safely convert my headlight switch ( knob thing) into a Rocker switch, or any switch other than stock for that matter and have found nothing. If anyone has any experience or knowledge on the subject it would be much...
  5. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    ok so im not sure if im just an idiot or not if someone could please explain this to me. So the deal is i re-routed all the wires in my 72' and it came out really nice, if everything is hooked up right. I was using a test light and the headlights werent working, then i realized that the radiator...
  6. Originality
    I am starting a restoration of a 1965 Nova and it came without some of what I think I will need to mount the headlights. The problem is that since this is my first Nova, I do not know what the headlight mounting looks like in order to see what I am missing. Can anyone who has photos of this...
  7. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    hey everyone, i had bought a 1974 nova in feb of 2010 for a nice project car. i have recently finished it and the only problem i have is that the dash lights wont turn on? i looked at all the bulbs, made sure the dimmer wasnt all the way down and checked the fuse. the only thing that does light...
  8. Electrical
    fixed!!! i swapped the h4 bulbs to a 60/55 watt, worked like a charm
1-8 of 9 Results