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  1. Hatchback Interior parts

    4th Generation Nova's
    Have a 1976 Hatchback and have searched and searched, has anyone found a manufacturer or a solution to replacing the rear interior parts in a hatchback? I am missing the panel that covers the taillights and need the curved pieces on each side ,
  2. G'day from Australia 74 Nova hatchback

    Member Introductions
    Hi guys, Just a bit of an introduction, im Mat from Australia! I recently purchased a 74 hatchback! Two weeks before my first child the wife finally greenlighted it! It was interstate so I flew up with my old man to check it out. It wasn't quite what it was supposed to be. Despite...
  3. Iowa Swap Meets?

    Mid Western US
    Hello, I'm new to this site and just recently bought a 1974 Nova hatchback that I am working on restoring. I need to find interior parts and I'm finding some of them very hard to come by. Does anybody know if there are any good swap meets in Iowa and if there are, when and where will they be held?
  4. New NY 73 Nova Hatchback

    Member Introductions
    What's up fellas Been on this site now, But FINALLY got my own Nova. love this site, looking forward to some help...noob too this so bare with me I just bought a 1973 Chevy Nova hatchback Green bout 4days ago , has a 350 motor, th350 tranny, edelbrock carb 2bbl 1407, auto-meter rpm tach, accell...
  5. My new 76 concours

    4th Generation Nova's
    I just bought my 1976 Concours Hatchback about two weeks ago. Its a great car, with the small straight 6 engine. Not that much power, but still a great daily driver. when I bought the car it said 91,100 miles, but the odometer doesn't hit the 100's, so its a mystery. I was hoping for some input...
  6. My 73 hatch rebuild

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I bought this car on Kijiji up in Edmonton and had to have it towed down to where I live in Medicine Hat. I looked like a sweet deal, the guy I bought it from swore it had been dry for years. Said he was a welder and that he'd done a whole bunch of body work to get rid of rust. His work...
  7. New 73 Hatchback Owner from L.A.

    Member Introductions
    Hi there. I'm a new Nova owner, a rookie for sure. Just got a 73 SS Hatchback. Not the original block, but has a Edelbrock 350 that runs very strong. Any advice on how to restore the interior is greatly appreciated. Also, I need a new trunk (hatchback) lid but can only find fiberglass...
  8. mazoh - no official name yet - '77, nova-concours!

    Car Profiles
    mazoh - 4th gen (for the win) Pictures
  9. question about 74 hatchback rear seats

    Body and Interior
    Its not a serious one, but I was looking to change my interior from white to black and was wondering there are any places that still sell/make seats For the 74 hatch? I've also heard of having to "make" a new seating frame, but I'm not up to that nor am I ready yet to do so haha..any...
  10. have you seen my long lost 1976 Nova SS?

    4th Generation Nova's
    I also posted this in the BS section just in case. Its a familiar story: Way back in 1986, in a little town called Lodi, New Jersey, I smashed up my 1st car, a rare 1976 Nova SS Hatchback. Heartbroken and banged up pretty good, I sold the car for $500 bucks. Maybe, just maybe, the guy who...