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  1. wiring path engine bay

    There literally is nowhere that shows the path the harness should take ANYWHERE onlone, no videos or pictures, even in manuals I have nothing but other cars yes. Im tryin to remember how to run the starter and alternator side. I think it went into the transmission well and around the dipstick to...
  2. Can't remember where all these wires go!

    Trying to get my car running, swapped in my engine to this body like 2 years ago and the harness so I trying to find good images of where they go and no luck. The guy that had the car before me was an idiot. Also I should mention this harness was in my other car with this engine and the harness...
  3. 1970 Aftermarket Radio Plugs / Connectors for Hackless Install

    My son and I are just about ready to start putting our 1970 back together. We will be installing new American Autowire under dash harness. Along with that, we will be installing a "Retro Classic" stereo. I would like to avoid hacking up the new under-dash harness. Is there somewhere I can...
  4. Just a few wiring questions....

    I have a 1970 Nova 4 door that upon tearing apart I have found the harness to be very brittle, falling apart, cut, chewed on by mice etc... I am planning on replacing the entire harness from front to rear, and have a couple of questions prior to starting this task.Plans for the car include a...
  5. Retractable harness help

    Body and Interior
    Has anyone used or thought about using these in a daily driver? With the retractable option I feel it'd be great to still be able to move around and have quick access to get in and out, with of course the added safety. Any thoughts or reviews on the product would be a huge help...
  6. 78 complete wiring?

    I have a 78 with a big block. The wiring is a complete birds nest from the previous owner. I believe it has now came to point where it has a created a short; my battery will not hold a charge. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to track down the short, I just want to put all new...

    im am interested in rewiring my 71 nova any suggestions on a wiring harness i have this one in mind im getting it for a good deal would this 14 circuit be suffice? thanks.
  8. American Auto Wire / Painless Hareness kits

    I recently had my "resistance" wire burn up under my dash and it also fried several other wires so i am now going going to upgrade my OEM harness for a little bit newer and capable harness. I will eventually have A/C and other things that will require more circuits. So far i have found 1...